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Battlefield Bad Company 2 to have 40 player multiplayer

According to the picture taken from OXM UK, They confirm a 40 player multiplayer atleast for consoles for the game battlefield bad company 2! Things just got serious..... (Battlefield: Bad Company 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Straight Life  +   1921d ago
I like the multiplayer but I hate the vehicles just respawn after you destroy one.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1921d ago
Vehicles have been respawning in video games since operation flashpoint first introduced them in a FPS. You must hate a lot of FPS games.
TheBand1t  +   1921d ago
Battlefield is all about combined arms. :/
panasonic23  +   1921d ago
frayer  +   1921d ago
So is your moms moutn
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1921d ago
40 players! EA and I have a rocky relationship yet I keep buying modern combat games. 40 players may get a reserve out of me though. Damn EA.
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Marcelles25  +   1921d ago
this is sad for a game
good for a multiplat
but just falls short for todays standards
ambientFLIER  +   1921d ago
Uh, no. It's a lot of players. Just because a game here or there has been able to have more players at once, doesn't make 40 any less impressive.
Marcelles25  +   1920d ago
not for me
first of all its not impressive
second of all they should have at least sixty(just my opinion) because think about, it you know how awesome that game would be if they added tanks and crap. don't get me wrong 40 IS good but nothing impressive
jib  +   1920d ago
doesn't have to be "impresive" for it to be fun. bad company 1 has less and i still play it at a daily basis
Dino  +   1920d ago
amen to jib
I still play it and I bought killzone 2 ranked all the way up and let a friend borrow it indefinitely. Wasnt impressed with killzone 2,BUT THAT IS MY OPINION...Not necessarily yours, but I still play Battlefield BC.
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Marcelles25  +   1920d ago
dude, people
i never said it had to be sixty i just said to be impressive it HAD to be sixty
this whole article is about it being 40 players and people are saying things like OMGGGG!!!! fourty players. its just not impressive
there's alot of good games that have less than 32 and are good games like GeOW2....(sarcasm) no, but games like the first BF:BC
HS83  +   1921d ago
I wonder
Since this was found in a UK OXM magazine, it speaks for the xbox 360 and also speaks the PS3 version as well are both 40 players. But if they're 40 players.........I wanna see what the PC can do now! Maybe 64 like the same but with destruction?
Persistantthug  +   1921d ago
Now that you put it that way.....
I wonder if the multiplatform concept is holding the PS3 back to only 40 players?
evrfighter  +   1921d ago
64 players has always been a staple in the battlefield franchise for the pc. I would EXPECT nothing less.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1921d ago
Frontlines has 50 players so it's not holding the PS3 back anywhere.
IaMs12  +   1920d ago
It cant host that many because of all the destruction. Everything can be blown up just about except rocks lol. So having 40 players on one map with tons of debris flying is pretty awesome. I know Resistance has 60 but is there destruction like this? Also thats almost doubling what the first had, it had like what 24?
Unicron  +   1921d ago
I really think 20 - 24 max is best for most FPS games. Otherwise I just feel it becomes too spammy and you aren't making much of a difference for your team.
dogmeat eater  +   1921d ago
R2 has 60p online
And it works out pretty well.
morganfell  +   1921d ago
Well it works because of level design and the fact that Sony uses dedicated servers.
NateDPG  +   1921d ago
You have no idea what you are talking about, 20 - 24 players is a small shoot out, not a war. BF became so huge on PC BECAUSE it had 64 players, huge maps and stuff like tanks, planes, choppers and artillery.


No it doesn't, without vehicles it's too many players, 32 is enough for such type of game.
Unicron  +   1921d ago
My favorite R2 matches were the smaller ones. 60p Skirmish wasn't for me. The levels were too open and barren I felt.
xc7x  +   1921d ago
that's way too small a number for war shooters
NateDPG  +   1921d ago
Planes I want planes, that's all I want from a BF game.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   1921d ago
then play the pc versions
ALL_STAR_28  +   1921d ago
played the heck out of BF:BC and 40 players is a welcome addition
VMAN_01  +   1921d ago
So that means the biggest online fps for 360 is not exclusive then.
jkhan  +   1921d ago
Actually there was another game, i have forgotten its name, it was canned for ps3, it had around 40-50 at once, the game was alright not the best out there. I am guessing it was released around feb last year.
kwicksandz  +   1921d ago
Frontlines still has the biggest player count title on 360 (50) and it has dedicated servers.
xlx-russ_92  +   1921d ago
it was frontlines.
KRUSSIDULL  +   1921d ago
The back of orange box says 64 players online on the xbox 360 version but I havent found it yet ;P
kenjix  +   1921d ago
Resistance 1 did 40 back when the PS3 Launched
Resistance 2 did 60 last year
MAG is going for 256

Why is 40 players news? Try to keep up with the PS3 if you want to be bleeding edge!
NateDPG  +   1921d ago
If MAG has vehicles and not just ground, then hats off, other then that BF takes the crown.
TheBand1t  +   1921d ago
Because player count =/= enjoyment.

The exception being the Battlefield series, and that's because the maps are huge and generally well designed to support them. Not to mention tanks, airplanes, helicopters, etc.
GVON  +   1921d ago
Well going by this interview (and the trailer) it should have vehicle's

"But what you see in MAG is a distilled, combined arms experience, based on real world tactics. Anti-aircraft Artillery (AAA) has to be taken out before cluster bombs can be called in. Planting a charge on a bridge is a great way to slow advancing Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). Something as simple as a static tank trap can really hamper an assault?until a C4 pack blows it to hell. MAG?s scale has let us sprinkle the environment with these types of objects, each of which becomes a tertiary objective that players and squad leaders have to consider in their assaults."

terrandragon  +   1921d ago
Because Resistance 1 did not have destructible environments.
Why dis  +   1921d ago
Number of players have more to do with devs wanting a solid gaming experience based on the game's design. If the devs wan't more players on the 360 then I guess they'll work out the server issues on their own. I guess software sales back my claims up.

Those games you mentioned have little to offer in comparison to successful online games. I don't think you can jump into a vehicle in R2 and fly around with other gamers. lol
NateDPG  +   1921d ago
That's great, but it sounds like you don't control the air vehicles. Hope they prove me wrong and it isn't like in COD4. If they can really pull of 256 players with air and ground vehicles then this may become huge and I'm sold day 1.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   1921d ago
why is 256 players news?

"The game can hold up to 399 players (133 for each faction) on a single planet/continent."

bleeding edge? keep up with the pc if u want bleeding edge

fyi: game came out in 2003
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TheBand1t  +   1921d ago
Except each continent was it's own server which presented problems when you're trying to shoot at another person on the other side. :/

Also made by Sony Online Entertaiment.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   1921d ago
never said anything about it being the greatest thing ever, just responding to his comment about it being bleeding edge just because it has 256 players

if MAG can do 256 players with drivable vehicles, multi-personnel vehicles, land/sea/air vehicles seamlessly like battlefield with little to no lag then hats off to zipper. thats definitely something worth playing.

but im still skeptical since a lag/problem-free game of this scale hasnt been done before. ill wait and see with this one but im hoping for the best.
I_am_rushin  +   1921d ago
I like my PS3, but that comment is totally stupid. I've had a lot of fun playing Quantum of Solace which only supports 12players. So does that make it a bad game?
panasonic23  +   1921d ago
nigga you can't talk about nobody mom remember what your mom did at my brother birthday.

- Ghost of Sparta -  +   1921d ago
Nigga? Oh god.
Aclay  +   1921d ago
Ahh... come on EA, let Criterion Games make BLACK 2 :)
TheIneffableBob  +   1921d ago
DICE does the Battlefield series...
panasonic23  +   1921d ago
and heres your sister.

TheBand1t  +   1921d ago
Both of you STFU and appreciate the fact EA is giving us another awesome part of the Battlefield franchise.
XLiveGamer  +   1921d ago
MAG, MAG, MAG... tsk tsk tsk they mentioned a 250+ multiplayer match and everybody its like... OMG!!! MAG RULES!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

Well you can brag with mag or any other FPS out there now or coming soon title but none of them can't touch what Operation Flashpoint and ARMA have bring to the FPS genre. We are supposed to be playing next gen and 250+ players its not next gen its just more player on a multiplayer game. Next gen in a FPS its Hardcore Realism and Simulation in game play. Why almost every gamer wants graphics to look real but not the game play? Why are they afraid of competitive gaming and challenges? You guys like to call games for kids hardcore games and try to make them look like the best sh!t in the genre but when i read or try the game its boring and not challenging. While you all keep playing your unreal FPS War games ill be playing in Open World Modern Warfare games.
TheBand1t  +   1921d ago
This article isn't about about MAG, ArmA 2, or OFP2. It's about BF:BC2.

.....OFP2 & ArmA2 are such niche games anyway. Realism isn't everyones cup of tea, asshat. So quit acting like OFP2 and ArmA 2 are the end all of FPS and get off your realism high horse.
evrfighter  +   1921d ago
realism seems to be the kz2 gamers cup of tea. Every time I read the "kz2 controls blow" articles. The sony fans were screaming at how realistic it made it feel.
XLiveGamer  +   1921d ago
@ TheBand1t
This article isn't about MAG, ArmA 2, or OFP2. It's about BF:BC2.

YUP but say that too to all those PS3 fans that bring the MAG B.S. here too.

"....OFP2 & ArmA2 are such niche games anyway. Realism isn't everyones cup of tea, asshat. So quit acting like OFP2 and ArmA 2 are the end all of FPS and get off your realism high horse"

Well its funny how PS3 gamers have been trying to crown KZ2 as the most realistic FPS experience. This gen its not so Next Gen and a Big deal because we keep playing a lot of Old Style game play with just better graphics. There is only a few games with Next Gen Game play in this generation. Well its like i ask "Why almost every gamer wants graphics to look real but not the game play?"
Rock Bottom  +   1921d ago
@ why this
Wii Play, Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii are better than anything on your beloved 360, and I guess software sales back my claims up.

See what I did there?
I did not murder him  +   1921d ago
Are you saying those games suck what is your point?

*What you did there* is make an ass out of yourself people buy games that are good.

This is how it works, people buy games that are good and they tend to ignore lackluster games. There is a difference between flops and good games with lower numbers based on console fanbase size. The ratio's I guess is your point and its a bad point at that. Let me tell you the games this fanboys is talking about are games on the 360 that have sold 3-10 million copies.

I don't see how saying games are selling poorly because gamers are not interested can be compared to games that sell well. Your ratio defence digs your hole even further.

Example. Saying Killzone 2 is not a flop because the 360 fanbase has 10 million more owners won't work because of the size of the PS3 fanbase.
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Rock Bottom  +   1921d ago
"Are you saying those games suck what is your point?"
No, my sarcasm was too obvious you must be really stupid if you don't get it.

As for the rest of your post... Are you sure that was directed at me? because that would be extremely hilarious. :)
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red2tango  +   1921d ago
Might be serious for 360...

but Resistance:FoM, Resistance 2, Socom Confrontation & MAG say WASSUP M*THAF*CKA!

This is nothing special, will likely be as boring as the first one.
GameGambits  +   1921d ago
Yeah I suppose 40 is good considering it is multiplatform.

I just wish that game had more options on game types to play. I myself would still be playing BFBC if it had a game type for 24 players max with NO vehicles. A smaller use of map, team death match esque, and it was about the gunplay.

I played a fair amount of BFBC and the demo/beta on Live too, but in the end it was all about the vehicles and it seems the gunplay got left in the dust. :(
evrfighter  +   1921d ago
you just described battlefield 2's infantry only mode.

If you havn't played it give it a shot. You might be amazed at how fun a game released 4 years ago is still a lot funner than most games released today.
TheBand1t  +   1921d ago
Yea, but that's mostly thanks to the many modifications out for it.

One does get tired of 'nade shoveling on Karkand and getting raped by J-10s though. :)
sak500  +   1921d ago
I hope FFS they introduce Commander and voting to kick out Teamkillers. IN BC most of the times i see people trying to hog the Artillary for themselves and if by chance anyone else gets there first they knife or TK him. ALso for those random jerks who just want to TK, we can boot them off the game.
SlyGuy  +   1921d ago
Warhawk now satisfies
my battlefield needs.
kwicksandz  +   1921d ago
i wish it satisfied mine. Warhawk just made me realise how good bf2 was in comparison. I hope they put more work into the visuals for starhawk cause warhawk is certainly no looker.
oldsnayke  +   1921d ago
Yay. Be prepared for a lag fest.
Pandamobile  +   1920d ago
The PC community will probably raise the player limit to 64.

Happens with most games. I've seen COD4 servers with 64 players (that's a mess.)

64 person CSS servers, 32 person TF2 servers (Valve shipped the game with 24 slots.)

So, just expect more player slots on PC like every other game.
thedarkvault  +   1920d ago
good, sure it's not the 64 that we were raised with in the battlefield franchise, and I hope down the line they move back to it. But that's way better than 12 on 12 in bad company.

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