Battlefield Bad Company 2 to have 40 player multiplayer

According to the picture taken from OXM UK, They confirm a 40 player multiplayer atleast for consoles for the game battlefield bad company 2! Things just got serious.....

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Straight Life3522d ago

I like the multiplayer but I hate the vehicles just respawn after you destroy one.

ASSASSYN 36o3521d ago

Vehicles have been respawning in video games since operation flashpoint first introduced them in a FPS. You must hate a lot of FPS games.

TheBand1t3521d ago

Battlefield is all about combined arms. :/

ASSASSYN 36o3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

40 players! EA and I have a rocky relationship yet I keep buying modern combat games. 40 players may get a reserve out of me though. Damn EA.

Marcelles253521d ago

this is sad for a game
good for a multiplat
but just falls short for todays standards

ambientFLIER3521d ago

Uh, no. It's a lot of players. Just because a game here or there has been able to have more players at once, doesn't make 40 any less impressive.

Marcelles253521d ago

first of all its not impressive
second of all they should have at least sixty(just my opinion) because think about, it you know how awesome that game would be if they added tanks and crap. don't get me wrong 40 IS good but nothing impressive

jib3521d ago

doesn't have to be "impresive" for it to be fun. bad company 1 has less and i still play it at a daily basis

Dino3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I still play it and I bought killzone 2 ranked all the way up and let a friend borrow it indefinitely. Wasnt impressed with killzone 2,BUT THAT IS MY OPINION...Not necessarily yours, but I still play Battlefield BC.

Marcelles253521d ago

i never said it had to be sixty i just said to be impressive it HAD to be sixty
this whole article is about it being 40 players and people are saying things like OMGGGG!!!! fourty players. its just not impressive
there's alot of good games that have less than 32 and are good games like GeOW2....(sarcasm) no, but games like the first BF:BC

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HS833521d ago

Since this was found in a UK OXM magazine, it speaks for the xbox 360 and also speaks the PS3 version as well are both 40 players. But if they're 40 players.........I wanna see what the PC can do now! Maybe 64 like the same but with destruction?

Persistantthug3521d ago

I wonder if the multiplatform concept is holding the PS3 back to only 40 players?

evrfighter3521d ago

64 players has always been a staple in the battlefield franchise for the pc. I would EXPECT nothing less.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3521d ago

Frontlines has 50 players so it's not holding the PS3 back anywhere.

IaMs123521d ago

It cant host that many because of all the destruction. Everything can be blown up just about except rocks lol. So having 40 players on one map with tons of debris flying is pretty awesome. I know Resistance has 60 but is there destruction like this? Also thats almost doubling what the first had, it had like what 24?

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Unicron3521d ago

I really think 20 - 24 max is best for most FPS games. Otherwise I just feel it becomes too spammy and you aren't making much of a difference for your team.

dogmeat eater3521d ago

And it works out pretty well.

morganfell3521d ago

Well it works because of level design and the fact that Sony uses dedicated servers.

NateDPG3521d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, 20 - 24 players is a small shoot out, not a war. BF became so huge on PC BECAUSE it had 64 players, huge maps and stuff like tanks, planes, choppers and artillery.


No it doesn't, without vehicles it's too many players, 32 is enough for such type of game.

Unicron3521d ago

My favorite R2 matches were the smaller ones. 60p Skirmish wasn't for me. The levels were too open and barren I felt.

xc7x3521d ago

that's way too small a number for war shooters

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