Rumor: GTA IV Getting Xbox 360 Elite Bundle Treatment

Kotaku: Microsoft looks like it may be prepping another Xbox 360 Elite bundle for later this year, according to retail sources, bundling its higher-end console with Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Lfmesquite3497d ago

This game is so old already. Enough.

Game13a13y3497d ago

they've got to find a way to fully exploit the 50 million bones they threw at GTA 4 to recuperate right?

BLaZiN PRopHeT3497d ago


They sold over 1 million copies of The lost and the damned and expect to sell another million by the end of the year. That will be 40 million on one EP then theres the next EP which if it sells 500k copies they made their money back.

Chuk_Chuk3497d ago

Whats with all the recent bundles. something tells me that something big is going to happen, PS3 price cut maybe? But come one MS at least bundle new games. what about Halo Wars or SF4?

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Halo3 MLG Pro3497d ago

That's a great bundle. GTA4 is a beast of a game!

xabmol3497d ago

That's all I'm gonna say. Just 29%...

Thoreau3497d ago

time to move on to infamous and prototype

JOLLY13497d ago

I'll take prototype over infamous. I like the way you scale building better in prototype.

xabmol3497d ago

Why not both?

*looks at avatar of avatar*


KionicWarlord2223497d ago

If true this would be a big bundle.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3497d ago

LOL love how the fanboys come out when there's good MS news

Halo3 MLG Pro3497d ago

Seriously. You get more butt hurt sony fanboys in 360 articles. They just can't seem to enjoy their console of choice without having to come into here and say something stupid.

PirateThom3497d ago

How is this bundle with a year old game "good news"?

Sony already had a PS3 GTAIV bundle.

A good bundle would be a new game, when the game first came out.

RememberThe3573497d ago

But that is only because many of us have already played through GTA4.

If you haven't made the jump to the next gen, or your a PS3 owner that didn't get a chance to play GTA4, this is a great idea.

boodybandit3497d ago

You're not a troll or fanboy huh?
starting at 5.1
Oh man I feel stupid for assuming you are another in a long list of trolls/ fanboys on N4G. I feel really stupid now. *rolls-eyes*

GiantEnemyCrab3497d ago

It's better just to laugh at it. If they care so little about it then why even comment on it? I don't for the life of me understand why they think offering some bundled games with the system is a bad thing. If I was in the market for a game console and I could get it with a game of this caliber I would happy.

It's good to see MS has changed from their "we only bundle family games" to bundling more mature titles. This bundle along with the Halo 3/Fable 2, Gears 2 bundle it's some great choices.

Halo3 MLG Pro3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

LMAO. That fool boodybandit just pmed me swearing up a storm like a lil b*tch. I swear, I guess these sony fanboys just aren't happy with their console. Just so much anger in them. :)

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