TouchArcade Review: SnakeGalaxy

TouchArcade writes: "In SnakeGalaxy, you are a snake, but in a departure from the standard formula, the playfield is a 3D planet. You must slither about its surface (as the planet rotates beneath you) collecting food rations and super food rations to accumulate points and increase the score multiplier. Each time a ration is collected, your speed and length increase, the score multiplier increments by one, and a timer starts to dwindle. Collect rations fast enough and the multiplier will increase, but if time runs out, it returns to 1x. Oh - and don't eat your tail.

The game features five different planets, each well rendered and of a different theme, and with a different set of challenges. On the Village planet, you must avoid wooden fences while traversing its cobblestone surface. On the Jeans planet, avoid buttons and rivets while slithering across its denim surface. On the Graphik planet, your tail is the only enemy, etc. A Mission mode lets you choose any unlocked planet and play from there to the next planet, and so forth, while a Quick Play mode sets you on the most recently unlocked planet to go for the highest score."

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