Pata-Post Friday - The Building Blocks of Pata-Pain

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Associate Producer for SCEA, writes:

"Greetings Pata-peoples. It's Friday and as you all prepare for a well deserved weekend, here is another dose of Pata-goodness to share. On Wednesday we covered Multiplayer Hotness and how you can now battle to the beat with your friends. Now, as promised, we are going to profile the "new recruits" of the Patapon army."

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Lucreto3464d ago


It took me weeks to stop saying that in my head as I was walking.

It is back now.

I am going to cry somewhere... may be in Gamestop as I buy it.

xabmol3464d ago

The original Patapon was as addictive as crack.

Patapon 2 is like crack on steroids.

This game has so much, originality, heart, and replay value.

xabmol3464d ago

Too many people have missed out on R&C, J&D, Loco Roco, Patapon, LBP, and many others. Just because they don't have nudity, blood, and excessive violence.

Grow up and be a kid again people.

These games are great. You don't have to chainsaw someone in bloody halves just to have fun you know...