Lens of Truth: The Godfather II Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "We finally found some time to compare both versions of EA's Godfather II for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Having never played the previous version of The Godfather, we really had no idea what to expect. But to our delight it was a very close port, but one was slightly better. So which version makes you an offer that you can't refuse?"

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xbollox3494d ago

i just paused killzone2 for a mn to laugh at your sorry ass: it almost feels like you think we do care what you say


sad douche with no games

sak5003494d ago

Hmmm lemme guess?? Is it 360? Any surprises??

Soul Train3494d ago

No surprises here. The 360 having the better multi plat version of every game is pretty much a fact now. Some people just don't get it though.

be_wrong3494d ago

this website always lean on the 360 being a winner :P in every game they compared the results are always the same :p i think even a ps3 version vs a ps3 would still result to the 360 winning it :P

ultimolu3494d ago

How about they both look the same and 360 fanboys need to get over that.

Unicron3494d ago

I like how the most subpar games are always compared. I wonder if they'll compare the coop modes for Ninja Gaiden 2 on the PS3 and 360 when it hits.


Danja3494d ago

the graphics in this game isn't even great , so why does this matter when both consoles have proven to produce better quality graphics already ???

Dragun6193494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

You Know what you don't get, Soul Train?
That Gears of War or any Xbox360 game for that matter has yet to surpass Uncharted graphics.

Other than that, this game looks the same on both consoles.

DelbertGrady3494d ago

@be_wrong - They don't lean towards the 360. Check their history.

@ultimolu - But they don't. And you can't get over it.

@Danja - It matters to the people who payed more money to get what they thought was the more powerful system and then found out most multiplat games(yes people who are not hardcore fanboys as yourselves actually buy multiplats) look better on the cheaper system.

I really like this game. Not because of the graphics, although steady framerates and sharp textures are always nice to have. The whole strategy part lifts it to another level and the blackhand controls are awesome.

Danja3494d ago

and im pretty sue most of the ppl who bought the most expensive console expecting the best graphics aren't disappointed because it does have the best graphics..

and no one buys a Console based soley on Multi-plats ur argument is rather weak.. everyone knows devs aren't gonna make on version purposely better than the other no matter how much more powerful a console is....

Uncharted came out in 2007 and it still looks better than every 360 game.....soooo I guess Sony delivered

GiantEnemyCrab3494d ago

Dragun: Get that wack azz comparison out of here.. Those are some of the worst Gears captures I've ever seen, they don't even look like all the textures have drawn in yet.


That one is still not that good but at least it's better than that lame link I keep seeing pasted all over this place.

7thNightvolley3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

i should believe the ps3 fanboys should be use to this by now. personally the graphics of the game in general is crap. but i am just wondering what was ported to what ps3 to 360 or the other way around. anyway. if i do get it its a rent as best.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3494d ago

The issue of multiplats looking the same or slightly better on the 360 has nothing to do with the PS3 and EVERYTHING to do with developers and the money making imperative.

Also...'better looking on the cheaper console'?...for MANY PS3 owners the feature set offered is what they want and can't be replicated at any cost on the 360 and if you tried to get a reasonable facsimile of the PS3 experience the 360 is much more expensive.

cliffbo3494d ago

turn off full RGB and... well what do you know!

evildeli3494d ago

They just gave Wanted to the PS3 so I don't think they lean any direction. Maybe this game just looks better on the Xbox.

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ArthurLee3494d ago

Nice video and sick explosions in both versions.

CryWolf3494d ago

Its sad that developers have bump down the graphics on ps3 just to make 360 look good.

Soul Train3494d ago

That was funny...that was a joke, right?

Whitey2k3494d ago

what the hell i know i have a ps3 but the game is a cruddy ass port that suffers from frame rates and pop ups

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