PS3's Remote-play has been hacked, access your PS3 via iPhone soon?

PS3-Sense writes "A hacker who calls himself 'Dashhacker' claims that he hacked the PS3's Remote-play function. The function has been reverse engineered and a portable API is coming soon, as stated by the hacker. He said that it would basically means that we will be able to access our PS3 on any internet-enabled device like a iPhone, Windows Mobile phone or a PC."

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chasegamez23523d ago

there will a firmware update to fix it

Milky Joe3523d ago

Especially now it's been put up on one of the largest games news sites in the world...

iHEARTboobs3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

What would it have been useful for anyway? View pictures and porn, I mean movies, that are on your HDD?

chrisnick3523d ago

how is it that hackers haven't found a way to mod the ps3 yet? it took no time at all with the xbox (i don't know y they use common pc stuff in the hardware). ive found it rather strange that it hasn't been modded yet...i got a spare 60gig(with a 120hdd) just in case they do.

iceatcs3523d ago

Hope it mean I can download from the store in my workplace. Or even better I can watch TV using PlayTV on my laptop/iphone rather than PSP which I'm not allowed to use in the workplace:)