148Apps Review: Silent Scope

148Apps writes: "In disbelief, I handed my iPhone to my friend Brendan, who picked up the game at the beginning of level two. I told him the controls real quick (they aren't complicated) and let him at it. My guess was three minutes. Waiting in anticipation, I hear him say, "What the hell is this? You've got to be kidding me… I'm supposed to kill a helicopter with a sniper rifle? How come that helicopter has a machine gun and mine has my idiot character with a sniper rifle?". 2 minutes pass. "How much did you pay for this game? This is awful!" He played for a few more minutes (shockingly) and then gave me back the iPhone. During his stint of 6 minutes, he broke my house record for longest continuous gameplay. No, the game isn't all that hard, it's just unplayable."

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