appVersity Review: YuckFu

appVersity writes: "The game is played by controlling "Bo382? which has a limited supply of fuel, so you have to float around and collect crates. If your fuel runs out or you hit a wall the game is over. The crates remain open for a certain amount of time, if you take too long they close and become obstacles which will make you explode if you crash with them. After grabbing certain amount of crates you "level up" which does two things. One it gives you less time to grab each crate making the difficulty increase as you progress, and two, it changes the background slightly. The game has an autosave for your score should you happen to be interrupted, it does not however, support a continue feature (if your iPhone or iPod closes the game).

The highscore menu has an option that I personally don't remember seeing recently in other games, which is that you can post your highscore globally WITH the replay, allowing players around the world to see how you did. The page you see when you get a game over gives you the option to write you're your name, so no special account has to be created. The name doesn't seem have a limit on the number of characters, but it WILL get cut off at around 16 characters when displaying in your iDevice or around 26 on the website, which displays the All-time top 10 scores ("

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