Even when not explicit, ISP data caps still haunt users

Time Warner Cable's plan to impose tiered data caps on Internet users imploded last week, but that doesn't mean TWC users can download to their heart's content. No, like many other ISPs without explicit data caps, TWC retains an "acceptable use policy" that lets it curtail any "abuse" of its network, as one user found out the hard way. has been covering the TWC case in obsessive detail (seriously, we're a little worried), and it yesterday published the story of a TWC user from Austin, Texas who ran afoul of the acceptable use policy.

Ryan Howard had his Internet connection cut off by the company with no notification; only after a full day of phone calls and two new cable modems did a service rep suggest he call TWC's "security and abuse center." Turns out, Howard had transferred 44GB of data in a single week, enough to put him in the penalty box. (He apparently violated this clause: "The ISP Service may not be used to engage in any conduct that interferes with Operator's ability to provide service to others, including the use of excessive bandwidth.")

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The_Zeitgeist3521d ago

Within two years the internet is going to be ruined. Big corporate fat cats will take over. Soon you will have to subscribe to N4G as part of a gamer package.

andron3521d ago

The commercialization of the net will probably destroy it in the end.

It will become a channel driven, subscription based useless husk of it's old self if we don't oppose these changes...

Kakkoii3521d ago

Not really. That's only really true for the USA, and maybe a few other countries where greedy corporations have to much power and no human decency.

Other places that already provide 100mbps internet are far past being able to break. They provide more than enough speed people will need for quite some time.

velaxun3521d ago

Don't be dense, if the US does it, the rest will follow. It's already been proposed in Europe, and if it passes, you can bet your ass you'll see it in the US. Once it hits the US, Canada and the countries that haven't adopted it yet will. But you can bet your ass Canada will be quick to follow

Kakkoii3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

@velaxun: Oh yes, I am soooo dense for thinking that the USA doesn't completely control all changes in the world. Get real.

The internet in places like Japan isn't going to make their service worse and make it cost more. Doesn't matter what other countries do. There's no reason for them to follow in foot when a good system is already in place.

Time Warner is just one of a few idiots who are to greedy. There actions are hardly going to gain any ground among the world ISP's.

SaiyanFury3520d ago

To be honest, I don't blame Time-Warner for capping the guy. Downloading 44GB in a single week is kind of a lot. You never get near that just playing games online.

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mirroredderorrim3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I've been preaching this for awhile now.

The zombies, or "people who are asleep" will eventually allow this to happen.

There is not enough of us who are aware and actually care about the situation to mean anything at this point in time.

It's been proved time and time again, that those who are truly for the people, end up dying by a cowardly bullet.

Gaming is changing.... I have said it before, this or the next gen could be my last.
Later... I can swim in my illegal "Fantasy" of old retro games, via 1 terrabyte HD.

I'm preparing. Are you?

IdleLeeSiuLung3521d ago

At least so far it is a victory, but it is no secret cable, phone and isp has been ripping us off for years especially when the get protection from the government in setting up virtual monopolies.

vlazed3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I couldn't agree more.

This is a reply to Mirror's comment. Guess I didn't hit the right button. HAHA.

f7897903521d ago

The more bandwidth I use the slower the connection gets. After downloading three movies from the PSN video store my connection was 1/6th its normal full speed. It was ridiculous. I couldn't play online or watch any videos without waiting 10 minutes for it to buffer. Problem is I can't complain because I'm on a special price that they forgot to take me off of.

evilmonkey5013520d ago

I will drop them like a bad habit. Right now I have 6 choices for isp.

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