iPAR: Deluxeware Darts iPhone Game Review

iPAR writes: "I have never liked darts in any form of video game, ever. It's just not realistic and you just can't get the control scheme correct, it's pretty much impossible as computers have not perfected a real physics environment. whicHowever, Deluxeware Darts (and I'm not getting paid to say this) I thoroughly enjoyed, it's nowhere near real darts but they did make the control scheme and gameplay environment suitable for mobile devices and just playing darts virtually in general. Anyways, starting with our usual synopsis of the app… Deluxeware Darts is a colourful variant of darts, it allows five different gameplay modes and you can play by yourself, with another human player or even against three levels of AI.

You get three darts a round, each of which you must flick (touch controlled not accelerometer). Each game is pretty similar, they're listed as follows; Fast 500, 301 Game, 501 Game, Clock Game, and Cricket Game. Although pretty similar each game has a differet playing scheme that everybody will enjoy differently (my personal favourite is Clock Game). I'm not a darts fanatic but I have been told by some people that I've let play the game on my iPod Touch for a bit that some of the rules are a tad off. Nonetheless it's a great app."

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