MacLife Hands-On Impressions: Top Gun for iPhone

MacLife writes: "If the mention of "highway to the 'Danger Zone'" sends your brain into that looping song lyric, Top Gun will lock you onto simple iPhone fun. (Also, you're welcome. Nothing can get that song out of your mind.) If that refrain doesn't send you into a Tom Cruise-and-Val Kilmer tailspin, this iPhone coda might not carry enough action on its own.

I had fun playing bits of the game ahead of its early-May release, but I couldn't separate the fantasy of living Top Gun from this iPhone iteration. And why would I want to? Maverick and Iceman are back, now as instructors at the Top Gun school; the gamer plays a new recruit. Story text and illustrations break up the 15 missions; Kilmer's likeness is included, while Cruise's is not."

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