Shake Your Money Maker

Console gaming changed forever in 1996, when Nintendo's N64 was released with a controller featuring an analog thumbstick. It was a design not seen since the days of the Atari 5200, and one that would not only be copied by each successive console, but that would also help usher in an age of 3D gaming that took full advantage of the new apparatus. And the N64's interactive legacy wouldn't end there -- an empty slot on the back of the controller would soon present Nintendo with the means to further revolutionize the medium.

At first used only for memory cards, that vacant port realized its full potential on July 1, 1997, when the highly anticipated scrolling shooter "Star Fox 64" hit store shelves with an included Rumble Pack that, when plugged into the controller during gameplay, would shake in harmony with the on-screen action. The era of physical feedback from your entertainment had begun, and continues to this day, with rumble -- as evidenced by Sony's 2007 decision to replace the PS3's original Sixaxis controller (rumble-free, reportedly because of a lawsuit) with a new, rumbly version known as the Dual Shock 3 -- now an integral component of video gaming.

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eagle213521d ago

N64 was a great platform, I haven't played Star Fox 64 but I will.