Poop The World - Inappropriate Slogan Goes Here writes:

"Everyone poops, it's so common that there is even a book about it. If you are somewhat squeamish about the subject, however, I recommend you go take a look at one of our other more appropriate articles. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way we can get right into the good stuff.

Poop the World is a new application at the App Store that helps you manage all things poop related."

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Odie3520d ago

...Though, I can't say I've ever had an interest of keeping track of my feces or related. :8-)

dubbalubagis3520d ago

Haha, poop is just funny stuff. At least Apple has a sense of humor when it comes to poop.

FuzzyChinchilla3520d ago

it may be helpful to keep track of your bowel movements :) for medical purposes of course! and it might be a way to make sure you are eating enough fiber and such!