Gametrailers - Mafia 2: A Day in the Life Gameplay (Pts.1-3)

When dealing with the mob, the less you know, the better off you are... or so you would think.

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Blaze9293525d ago

looks sick. I cannot wait for this. The animations and character movements look so fluid and lifelike. The environments look nice and the vehicles as well. The character models could use some work though. The shooting I hope they fix though, maybe a lock on system or something. Doesnt seem right to me.

Sure it doesnt look anywhere near that VGA awards trailer that was "claimed" to be real time and in-game by 2K's Tomas Hrebicek, but it sure as hell looks damn good. Then its 2K and they usually don't disappoint so yeah, should be all good. The opening scenery in Pt.1 is just mind blowing.

Other than that I can see the game being great. I didnt play Mafia 1, never even heard of it till this game was announced so I cant to try this out.