Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days : Two New Gameplays

Square Enix has released today two new gameplays from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days about Axel and Roxas.

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SpoonyRedMage3435d ago

The gameplay looks just as good as KH1, so do the graphics nearly!

Nintendo really need to not alienate Square again, they know how to make excellent use of the DS.

George Sears3435d ago

The characters look good but the environments doesn't look nearly as KH1 but for a DS game it looks great.

SpoonyRedMage3435d ago

Yer, the characters look fantasic but the environments have the same downfall as DQM: J, really straight edges.

But you are right, excellent for the DS. did we ever see something like this on the PS1?

iamtehpwn3435d ago

That's a good thing. I know people liked 1 more, but honestly---why?

2 had a better camera, a better combat system, reaction commands (instead of scrolling to the bottom), more depth to the gameplay, a more interesting story, better visuals, Drive forms, a graphical engine that could support a record number of enemies on screen at one time, more interesting villians, (if you have final mix+ like me, a BILLION optional bosses and side quests).

SpoonyRedMage3435d ago

I agree there, I also thought the oddly more mature Sora(especially considering he'd been in stasis) was a much better character.

The only downside with KH 2 was the lack of platoforming which was part of the appeal of the first game.

iamtehpwn3435d ago

but 2 really decided to focus on the battle system, and the pay off was very large. A game with a great combat system is priceless.

Also, Sora's voice was no longer annoying, possibly, the best fix. xD