Report: 7 Studios Files Countersuit Against Genius, Alleges 'Unsavory Business'

7 Studios has levied a countersuit against Genius Products in the ongoing legal battle surrounding Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. It alleges that incompetence and "unsavory business practices" crippled the game -- and caused the very conditions that led Genius to seek an out from its development contract.

Last week, Genius Products filed suit alleging that Activision Blizzard, recent acquirer of 7 Studios, bought the developer in order to block the release of the turntable peripheral-driven music game to prevent it from releasing before Activision's own rival DJ Hero game.

Genius products and hardware company Numark were granted a temporary restraining order against 7 Studios, imposing a 'no talk' order and immediate return of code from the Activision subsidiary.

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