Rumor Killers: Uncharted 2 Multiplayer? Star Ocean IV PS3? New Star Wars Game?

Uncharted 2 to feature multiplayer? Star Ocean IV PS3 revealed? New Star Wars game on the way?

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SlamVanderhuge3525d ago

Would be interested in Uncharted coop...but I hope that they dont build the game around it.

Viewtiful3525d ago

Yeah but I'd way rather see a unique competitive mode or something. Not like a junky deathmatch variant, but something really unique.

stewie328873525d ago

I agree. I hope they keep a strong single player campaign rather than gimping it in favor of a story mode that basically forces you to play with a second person.

Fishy Fingers3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

The actual rumour is U2 will feature a single player story, >seperate< Co-op missions and some form of MP.

So, if co-op is included it will not effect the single player experience at all.

Lariat3525d ago

I find hilarious that Sony fanboys love to hate the (fairly mediocre) Xbox 360 JRPG's, yet they get extremely excited when they hear that those games are coming to their system.

xabmol3525d ago

I'm thinking it'll be something like Resistance 2's co-op awesomeness.

jammy_703525d ago

there still not sure about the multiplayer, there more interested in the story and characters.

thats a good thing.

BleuStreeks3525d ago

A multiplayer would be awesome but I think naughty dog will take care of the campaign first and make it nice LENGTHY, juicy and wanting us coming back for more.

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shoinan3525d ago

I would have to agree.

lloyd_wonder3525d ago

RE5 really set the bar with its co op. Infact, if it didn't have co op, it would be trash. Not saying Uncharted would be because Uncharted is a great SP experience. But, Uncharted would only benifit from such a feature. I can't see Naughty Dog adding competitive modes, though.

Allowen3525d ago

For me when comparing games on the PS3 VS 360 I see a superiority for the xbx360 in terms of many games with coop online and quite a few split screen coop .

Games like GoW 1&2 and L4D on the 360 runs preatty well and it is full screen even when split screen.
I got Resistance 2 that is an exclusive game for the PS3 that once played split coop it had the graphics gratelly reduced and it is not full screen any more,

My point is, if Naughy Dog and Sony really wants that Uncharted 2 sells a lot and help raising the salles of the PS3 console then the game must have online mode.

Any oneline mode will do but to make it a huge success game that would give a "punch if then face of Gears series"the game MUST have split screem mode as well.

Fishy Fingers3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

So your saying a games quality is measured by it's online/co-op? So I assume you'd take Turning Point over Uncharted or Mass Effect huh.

Your ideologies will only result in your loss.

BleuStreeks3525d ago

YEa bro I dont fully agree with that.

tda-danny3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

honestly, it does kind of suck that R2 split screen miltiplayer doesn't support widescreen, but considering the amount of enemies and/or other players on the screen, and the limited development time, I can't say its a complete loss for the game.

My mates and I have put countless hours into the game both split screen and not. Amazing multiplayer experience!

Also, you compare R2 to gears2. Gears 2 didn't nothing different from the first, and supports how many players online? Yea the split screen campaign was fun for what it was, but it had no staying power as a title after that if you sunk countless hours into gears 1 multiplayer.

kingme713525d ago

I can almost guarantee a follow up to the Force Unleashed. It sold well and they created a new engine that they spent years on, so there is no way they will fold that tent after 1 release. I enjoyed the game and would look forward to a sequel.

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