CSM: World Championship Games: A Track and Field Event Review

Track and field games are typically pretty simple in design and concept, and World Championship Games is no different. Players select an athlete, a country to represent, and then have at it. The only real differentiator here is in control. The game's developers have come up with some interesting, if sometimes complex, methods of interface. Sprinting, for example, requires players to tap the stylus on footprints moving down the touch screen at the exact moment they hit a horizontal bar, rather like a rhythm game. It's a welcome change from beating the A and B buttons to make your runner hoof it down the track. Executing a long jump, on the on the other hand, is much more challenging than it should be. Players begin by tapping the footprints to run, then they must hold one of the shoulder buttons for a set length of time to set the angle of the leap, then press the A button to successfully land. It's unlikely that younger children will have the discipline to learn such complicated controls, but for older players who take the time to master them, World Championship Games can be a pleasant distraction.

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