Bethesda Softworks Rescues Wet

The last casualty of the Activision Blizzard merger is Wet. A2M's stylish shooting game was announced last year, then went dark after Activision Blizzard dropped many Sierra properties.

However, Wet is far from dead. A new trailer spontaneously surfaced with little fanfare a few weeks ago. A2M is still working on the game, but who is publishing it? Sharp commenter NickyD (thanks!!) pointed me in the direction of Famitsu. That's right, we're getting news about a Western developed game from a Japanese magazine. *Looks outside, checks for a blue moon.*

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andron3469d ago

Hopes it ends up well. We need a female protagonist TPS...

T-What3469d ago

I am glad this game was finally picked up. The publishers were trying there hardest to get this game out, thank you Bethesda, now I just hope the game is fun, so far it looks ok but nothing great.