Puzzling Game Design

In the modern gaming world, is the sense of accomplishment that comes with figuring out a particularly difficult puzzle giving way to the collective "hive-mind" method of completing games with the help of walkthroughs? GamerNode's Jorge Albor writes.

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italianbreadman3521d ago

I really try to avoid seeking any sort of help for mental challenges in games, but alas, sometimes it can't be helped. :-\

mr durand pierre3521d ago

I managed to complete Braid without any help, but that's because I could tell that each solution was right in front of me and the puzzles were all cleverly designed. I cheated like a mofo in Silent Hill games where there's no way of knowing if you have all the puzzle pieces or if you're missing some tiny hard to see item off the beaten path.

italianbreadman3521d ago

Yeah, I did Braid with no help too, but I'll admit that some took me a while to figure out.

Like you said, the fact that you only had to locate the solutions and not the puzzles themselves was great design -- yet another reason Braid is such an incredible game.