BBCi Player now works with Xbox360

For anyone who is not familiar with the BBCi Player, it is an online digital media streaming device broadcasting catch up television and radio from many of the BBC channels on offer. A recent update to the BBCi Player has brought with it many new additions including remote desktop downloads and HD quality streaming.

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Fishy Fingers3405d ago

iplayer is great for catching up on shows you've missed, but it certainly isn't HD. At best the quality is that of SDTV, at best.

Adding a browser to the console would make this much easier though.

TheBrit3405d ago

Is this still restricted to being in the u.k or can I view shows from the states now?

Also how does this hook into media center? Is there already a tab in there for the bbci player? or do I have to download the hook.

Fishy Fingers3405d ago

I'm not sure as I'm from the UK I cant test that. Although I imagine it's region locked as the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) fund the shows from UK licence fee payers. I dont think it'll work elsewhere. Worth trying though.

y0haN3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

It's UK only. And you download WMV (video) files that you put into Windows Media Player. And WMP can stream to Xbox 360 no problem. You can keep the video files for up to 30 days after which they will not work.

thor3405d ago

Fishy they only recently added the HD feature.

Though I agree, HD downloads tend to be about the quality of analogue SD television. I've not tried iPlayer HD yet.

Fishy Fingers3405d ago

Yes I know, I use the iplayer most days. But it's still far from HD.

Mindboggle3405d ago

US users will never be able to watch bbc iplayer, just like UK users will never get to watch fox demand service.

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agentace3405d ago

nice to see the 360 catching up with some of the PS3 features and vice-versa

George Costanza3405d ago

This is unofficial.... if you want to get technical this would have been possible day 1 on the 360 as well because all it is doing is streaming content.

Tito Jackson3405d ago

....but I have BBC in HD on TWC, and my DVR's HDD is pretty big, so i'm good.

sak5003405d ago

I hope you know how torrent works ;)

Tito Jackson3405d ago

I love torrents. If I could make love to Utorrent, I would.
I use torrents for just about everything

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