Edge: The Making of PlayStation

This is a story that isn't just about the design of an object made from silicon, plastic and metal. Nor is it just the story of the corporate politics that allowed the project to commence. It's also the story of sales forces and distribution systems, of marketing strategies and product evangelists, of a confluence of social, economic and technological circumstances that allowed it to thrive. It's about the vision behind the piece of hardware that pushed videogames into 3D and a veteran yet wide-eyed technology corporation into an industry that it would transform.

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jams_shop3498d ago

Wow I didn't know there were that many "PS" logo prototypes

CrimsonFox133497d ago

“At the Alexis Park Hotel in January 1995, where Sega held their CES party, Steve Race organised for every napkin to be printed with ‘PSX welcomes Sega to CES’! That was a fun moment, because these napkins were everywhere. [Sega Of America head] Tom Kalinske went totally nuts and demanded that all the napkins were purged from the hotel, quite reasonably so, but legend has it that later on in the party he was handed a beer with one of these napkins around it, and he exploded.”

Haha, that was so funny. I also liked when Steve Race went up to the microphone and asid, "299" then stepped down. xD

Man, those times seemed fun... Love the competition. It's not something I'd expect from big companies.