Guilty Gaming: Sanrio Smash Ball

Gamer Limit writes "When's the last time you had to close your DS because your friends walked in on you playing Pokemon? Have you ever been caught by your girlfriend playing a particularly racy anime game? Guilty Gaming is a new feature that chronicles my sometimes guilty-pleasure related gaming habits, which could include anything from games that are universally hated by critics and gamers alike, or titles that most people wouldn't be caught dead playing."

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syvergy3469d ago

There's nothing like a guilty pleasure, games included :D

chrisjc3469d ago

Especially when it's not PC and borderline gay!

stevedawonder3469d ago

I'm never guilty after pleasure.

SkankinGarbage3469d ago

I remember feeling this way when I played the first Pokemon game at the age of like, thirteen or fourteen. I would play it all the time, but I would also DESPERATELY try to hide that fact from anyone I came into regular contact with.

These days, I don't really get embarrassed like that, thankfully...but, I don't play Pokemon anymore, either, heh.

chaserooniman3469d ago

I still play pokemon ( that bad), but...I don't know if I could handle the hello kitty game.

AcesAndEights3469d ago

Hello...Kitty? I can see why this is something you chose to hide, you should probably have kept it that way.

chrisjc3469d ago

Try playing the game, then come back and rescind your comment :D

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