No Cricket game plans from EA

Electronic Arts president Peter Moore posted about cricket in his latest blog. He said that EA doesn't have any plans for announcing a cricket game this year. Here it is what he posted in his blog

"Let me also try to address the ongoing cricket "issue" once again. Despite whatever you may have read online, we have absolutely nothing to announce about a cricket game. As per my previous posts on this issue, if and when we have an announcement to make about a title, we will do so in a timely and structured manner. But in this case, no amount of persistent pushing can create a game that does not exist...sorry. "

We can say what he meant with "absolutely nothing" but we can still expect something from Playstation magazine rumor and EA's online gaming registration .

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sinncross3493d ago

Please just sell off the rights to someone who is willing to make the game instead of wasting our time by speculating on when a game, you are making, will ever see a development schedule.

CricketGaming3493d ago

Neither they are releasing any game nor they are giving rights to other. I am fed up with playing those old game. Its really bad Peter Moore.