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Leord3373d ago

Ohh, really, I thought it would be much longer!

Fyzzu3373d ago

Surprising I know :) Really looking forward to this!

Leord3373d ago

It looks like it has nuances that will result in a a better game concept than the "City of..." games.

syrinx3373d ago

Very very cool! Not long now!

Cogo3373d ago

I really like the art style. That's my primary thing about Champions.

thetamer3373d ago

it's about time it was announced. I'm really looking forward to this. Bill Roper is a doode

Leord3373d ago

I think it's really sad he left Blizz, and even more sad Hellgate flopped, taking Mythos with it down the drain. Hopefully Hellgate could get some revival, we'll see.

As for Champions, I think it would be VERY surprising if he does the same mistake, like releasing too early...

Cogo3373d ago

Mr Roper is an awesome PR person. Besides a few slips, he's very good.

Medievaldragon3373d ago

Shiny. Lot of fans are gonna be happy. It's been a long wait.

SCFreelancer3373d ago

Heroes always arrive at the last possible moment right?

Leord3373d ago

@ Freelancer

Haha, awesome humour value on that comment :) Two thumbs up and bubbles for you!

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The story is too old to be commented.