Team17 opens can of Worms on iPhone

Pocket Gamer takes an exclusive first look at the iPhone adaptation of the classic cartoon artillery game, Worms.

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butterfinger3196d ago

hope they do a great job with this. I would love to check it out at some point. Hopefully the price won't stop me from getting it.

Fishy Fingers3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Will be picking this up. Hopefully not to pricey, but the app store is usually pretty good value.

tudors3196d ago

how many offices do they have? there is one near where I live but it's only small.

peeps3196d ago

i'm a sucker for worms games so think i'll find a hard time not buying this lol even though i just bought worms on psn and hardly play it (despite being good)

graphics on this look really good tho so providing they get the touch controls nice it should be alot of fun :)

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