Top 5 Ways Xbox 360 Has Beaten PS3

"The numbers are in and a clear victor has emerged. It only took two generations for Microsoft to beat out the veteran Sony and cement the 360 as the core gamer's console. Who is to say what new heights they can achieve in the coming years?

Top 5 Ways Xbox 360 Has Beaten PS3:

5) Third Party Exclusives
4) XBLA & Community Games
3) Price
2) Persistence
1) And top reason is..."

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swingingape3493d ago

Between the two, I use my 360 to play games. My PS3 to play movies.

anh_duong3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

if you really enjoy computer games you should buy both. times of console x versus console y comparisons are over. only useless journalist with nothing to write about dwell over things that are unimportant compared to the games that are available to both systems.

it's like comparing a ferrari with a lambourghini. who cares. i would like them both. and as a car enthusiast you would obviously want both. so if you are a games enthusiast you should want both consoles instead of comparing which is better. people who hate consoles forget what really matters and are denying themselves the opportunity to enjoy the games.

am i the only one who is sick of comparisons - be that ps3 is better or xbox is better???

redsquad3493d ago

Then you're missing out on something truly special, in my opinion.

Why o why3493d ago

nice, pointless. this gen is still on the UP imo. lets enjoy them for now and the 1st poster/contributor is wasting a machine because that 2007 logic is way way redundant now. Too much stuff to play on the cheap unless you only play the games that went multiplatform that were previously exclusive to sony or the few 360 exclusives..

urban bohemian3493d ago

And for every 360 point I read, I could think of one that is pro PS3.

The consoles are evenly matched and both have their own strengths and weaknesses. I have a feeling sales will end up pretty even in the long run.

Obviously one will sell more, but I doubt by much.

If you can I would definitely recommend saving up to buy both.

mugoldeneagle033493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The source of this article is ""? Who do you think they are going to side with...

And I don't really get these points. Sure XBL is better overall, but PSN isn't that far behind, and it's free. In a few updates they'll be nearly identical.

Third Party exclusives hardly matter anymore, what does are exclusives, and Sony's proven they clearly have the better lineup this year, and past.

Everyone knows Sony is going to drop the price, that's a given, but shouldn't Sony get more credit for selling as many units as they did at the $500/$600 price tag? You think if the 360 launched at the same time with the same competition (Wii) it still would have sold as it did in 2005?

*But my main stance on all of this*

Is that the PlayStation 3 has clearly paved the way of the future. Someone tell me what the Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft calls their next console, can release in store of features that will out-do the PlayStation 3 and at the same time launch at the same or cheaper price as the PlayStation 3 did. It won't. And the tables will turn.

anh_duong3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

why o why, i think the phenomena of fanboyism has peaked this generation. why? because most hardcore gamers (the ones who actually enjoy gaming) that come to this forum are dual/triple console owners... the worst thing is having nintendo, ms or sony leave the gaming market without getting replaced... enjoy the games not the consoles - there is so little to choose between the xbox and ps3 in terms of benefits and disbenefits.. it is like arguing whether a lambourghini is better than a ferrari..

only lazy journalists with nothing to write about come out wth articles saying one console is better.. hitwhores have no place in gaming..

mastiffchild3493d ago

But here's the thing. I have all three and a decent PC and use my 360 least these days. Why? Because I generally prefer my PS3 and the DS controller but also I do feel that MS are doing less in the way of making more IP for the future of gaming and gamers(also feel that ua gamers paid heavily for them not testing the 360 long enough just to jump sony and tempt devs towards them which didn't actually make any more games either)than Sony -god knows what Ninty are doing.

Hopefully this E3 won't be more politics and MS can find some Gears quality new IPs for me to play on my 360 as KH3 goes multi is just bouing to me these days like the FF13 was last time out. I just want more games and don't see how paying for DLC while shutting creative studios does this.

SL1M DADDY3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Sorry, but the author fails. People need to care less about the sales aspect of the consoles and focus more on games but let's be honest, the Xbox fanboys seems to stick their head in the NPD sand a bit too often and completely ignore the World Wide sales that reflect Sony outselling the 360 year after year.

So to the Xbox fanboy I ask, why is it that the world ends at the shores of North America? When will the rest of the world matter to you?

To the legitimate Xbox fans... Please do not let idiots like the author of this article represent you. Please let fanboys like this know that silly, uneducated fanboy talk like this is just not necessary and the true matter at hand is games, and games alone.

ultimolu3493d ago

I use my PS3 for games and movies. What kind of a gamer are you if you don't recognize the fact the PS3 has really good games to play?

And you people brag about having two consoles? What's the use of having two consoles and you alienate one console for the other?

Perjoss3493d ago

@ urban bohemian

a truly unbiased opinion, we need more people around here like this. what most gamers sadly fail to see is that its in everyone's interest that both the ps3 and 360 do well, its never a good thing when 1 brand dominates over all others, right now MS and Sony are trying very hard to out-do each other, if one of them soars ahead of the other they will stop trying so hard.

All-33493d ago


A console exclusive is a console exclusive - not matter how you slice and dice it.

--> Everyone knows Sony is going to drop the price, that's a given...

Everyone's forgotten that Sony HAS dropped the price of the PS3 already.

--> Is that the PlayStation 3 has clearly paved the way of the future. Someone tell me what the Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft calls their next console, can release in store of features that will out-do the PlayStation 3 and at the same time launch at the same or cheaper price as the PlayStation 3 did. It won't. And the tables will turn.

Technology shifts and changes and prices do too... nobody knows what the next home consoles will have --> BUT <-- you don't think BOTH Microsoft --> and Sony <-- haven't learned a thing or two about pricing from this generation? LOL...

Pixel_Addict3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

swingingape. I don't really know how anyone is suppose to take this seriously? A site called Xboxist having a high opinion of the XBOX 360... get out of town! Thats like asking a pornstar the top 5 reasons he/she like money. Not that I'm saying 360 sucks bla bla bla, but come on, you only use the PS3 for movies? Well good, you STILL needed to buy a PS3... eventually if you want to play:

God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain

you'll have to use your PS3. Now if you want to play lets say........................... ............................... ............................... ...................... oh ok, I've got it uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm... oh yeah there the Halo 3 expansion aaaaaaaaand uuuuuuhhhh Allen Wake? I'm sure there's atleast one more coming out for the 360.

ActionBastard3493d ago

Do you know the definition of "fool"?

Trebius3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

It's like comparing a ferrari to a lamborghini...except the ferrari breaks down 33% of the time randomly...makes you pay for the side view and overhead mirrors and overheats...has an obnoxiously loud exhaust...rusts and scratches up the transmission for unknown reasons...and makes you pay an extra fee to drive with companions.

*ugh...that was uncalled for I know*

All-33493d ago

You're right...

--> Is that the PlayStation 3 has clearly paved the way of the future. Someone tell me what the Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft calls their next console, can release in store of features that will out-do the PlayStation 3 and at the same time launch at the same or cheaper price as the PlayStation 3 did. It won't. And the tables will turn.

The "Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft calls their next console" ... couldn't launch --> "at the same time launch at the same or cheaper price as the PlayStation 3 did"....

PS3 launched when? LOL!

y0haN3493d ago

The only reason on that list I'd care about is the Xbox Live, Sony has amazing PSN titles, and the _1st party_ games they have coming out are so much better looking.

Saigon3493d ago

I could complain about was the the first and second reason...everything else was based of off what he sees and hear each day from the media...

The author needs to realize that DEVS ARE NOT HAVING ISSUES DEVELOPING GAMES ON THE PS3...they only have problems when they port the game from the 360 to the PS3 because of the memory allocation...he also needs to take note that the PS3 is not losing exclusives because the 360 was on the market first...its because 3rd party devs need to find away to make money on these expensive games...the only resolution is to go multiplat...RE5 only sold out the PS3 in NA...if you look at the world numbers the PS3 leads...note how he did not say anything about street fighter...

Games on PSN are actually said to be more unique than what is on XBLA...and that has been said by many major gaming sites and magazines...

every one is going to have their own decision to what makes a console great...and this was his...

pixelsword3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Kutaragi was correct: The 360 is fighting the PS2 and not the PS3: if you are fighting the PS3, they would bring up issues relevant to this gen like quality of titles, reliability of the console, and console life. This article addresses none of these issues. I'm not knocking sales, but if the author's going to include sales, the author has to include the Wii, which negates the whole article.

While I think the 360 is definitely a great console, and they well might retain their 2nd place status, I don't think this article speaks the truth; or is logical: since his conclusion is all based on NPD data, it speaks nothing to quality.

5. Exclusive DLC is a far cry to an exclusive game; to which the 360 isn't leading there by far. Every title that the author named is now a multiplatform, because if yo named the truly great ones, you'll have to go not only in the past, but you will have to go back to the same ones: Gears, Mass Effect, and other games that aren't truly exclusive, since you can play them on the PC. The only thing you list that could qualify as exclusives are JRPG's, which have been stinking and lacks the quality that this gen is capable of as of late.

4. XBLA titles are numerous, but the quality overall is lacking. I need to go not much further in proving that. Braid and that new ninja game are the only two worth talking about are are acclaimed critically; which still can't touch games like Flower, The Last Guy, PixelJunk Eden, Echochrome, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, and if you want to split hairs, Warhawk; which blows the 360's online games list out of the water. But, I still must mention, I think Braid is a very cool game.

3. This isn't even worth mentioning, as the 360 has the highest priced sku out with the EA pack, costing over $500... which doesn't even matter, because if you're talking about value, you're talking about a console that breaks a lot, costing time, plus being charged to play online, which is like buying a hamburger, then paying a fee for eating it. And you keep on bringing up the core, which Even Greenburg says sells less than the mid-SKU. That argument is weak because you don't bring-up the other prices nor the fact that you get more for your money with the PS3 because the Core 360 and PS3 (any SKU) aren't equal because the PS3 comes with more out the box: if you make the 360 equal to the PS3 with the 360's add-ons, the 360 will cost more, every time.

2. Microsoft may try again and again, but this success isn't the result of Microsoft "trying again", it's the result of them getting out one year earlier, which also proves that they are losing ground: Microsoft claimed that they sold ten million the first year, yet they are only around eight million ahead of the PS3, which show that they are losing numbers, and that's with the PS3's "more expensive sku", the "no games" the "no online". It only shows how weak that argument is.

1. XBL is a great online service, I agree with that; but it's not a deciding factor by no stretch of the imagination, else the Wii would be in last place and not the PS3. The Wii is in first place for the same reason the 360 is in second place: Cost. If all three consoles were the same price, you would easily see the PS3 in first, as the PS3 was beating the 360 in sales in 2008 all last year until the 360 dropped the price. Microsoft knows what keeps them in front: it's not XBL, the exclusives, the commercials or the sales of games on their consoles: it's the price. As long as

1. The 360's medium console is substantially cheaper than the PS3's highest SKU,

2. They can constantly bring down the price of the 360's cheapest SKU (stores will bait-and-switch themselves for profit)

Microsoft will sell more than Sony and market those strengths to that effect.

McDonald's sells more burgers than a butcher sells fillet Mignon, but that doesn't mean a McDonald's burger is better because it sells more, the environment has more chatter, and more people go to it... it's because it's cheaper: which has nothing to do with quality.

Einhander3493d ago

Opinion does not equal fact. Also this console generation is only 2 years old i don't know why people are calling winners already...

mugoldeneagle033493d ago

You're right...

--> Is that the PlayStation 3 has clearly paved the way of the future. Someone tell me what the Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft calls their next console, can release in terms of features that will out-do the PlayStation 3 and at the same time launch at the same or cheaper price as the PlayStation 3 did. It won't. And the tables will turn.

The "Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft calls their next console" ... couldn't launch --> "at the same time launch at the same or cheaper price as the PlayStation 3 did"....

PS3 launched when? LOL!

----------------------------- ----------------------------

Can you not read?

Take the Xbox 720 (hypothetical name)
Add whatever specs it needs to make it technically stronger than the PS3

And then see if it costs as much as the PS3 *DID* at launch and see if it *does* better..

What's so hard to understand about that? And to the disagrees I'd love to hear your opinion, though i doubt we'll ever hear it

I did not murder him3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Same here. I don't know what there is to disagree with, thats how you use your consoles. I subscribed to Netflix so I can watch some popular TV series on my 360. I game on my 360 and mostly watch movies on my PS3 IMO the PS3 library is not that appealing. Love Blast Factor, Super Star Dust HD and LBP though.

I disagree with 1.11 3rd party games are the only games selling on the PS3 platform. The hot sellers are 3rd party games, 1st party games sell poorly on PS3.

aksmashh3493d ago

Xbox Live Is One Best Things To Come Out This Generation
& For Third Partys Games I Only Wanted Left4Dead

Sell It Before Its Worth Nothing (Too Late)LMAO

Jake11113493d ago

"Between the two, I use my 360 to play games. My PS3 to play movies."

I have both systems. As a NON fanboy I can say this. If you say you have a PS3 and do not admit the fact that the PS3 has the most amazing games this gen.... You are either:

a) A fanboy

b) A liar.

Game consoles are about GAMES. The PS3 has the best GAMES out.

Therefore, it is without a doubt, the BEST Game console this gen.


Beardown823492d ago

Why the heck does he use XBLA twice? What an idiot. Probably to justify the fact that he pays $50 a year to play online....

red5ive3492d ago

who the hell cares man?! these flame bait articles are pissing me off! and you morons are just feeding off this crap. GOD. DAMN. IT. go and play some games rather than sitting here and arguing about randomness.

SDS Gamerfiend3492d ago

Me too! But I'm looking forward to Uncharted 2 and a few others. I haven't even picked up Killzone 2 yet! Can I use a xbox 360 wired controller to play Killzone 2?

memots3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

PC - PS3 - Xbox360

Pro -

Pc is the best visually and is the best for FPS and RTS.

Ps3 has great title and free online gaming.

x360 has Halo.

Con -

Pc - Expensive.

Ps3 - No cross game chat can be annoying.

xbox360 -- hmmm were do we start ...
-Pay again to play online a game you already paid 60$ for it??
-Is it gonna blow up after 2 hours of gaming ?
-I dont live by an airport but i still get a jet noise in my own living room while playing games.
-Killed a couple of my disc.
-Dvd ..what is this.. are we back in 1998 ? .
-No upcoming game except maybe osdt. Alan "pc tech demo" wake .. Really ?? that is it ?
-Sub par graphic.
-M$ asking more money on DLC for the same DLC on other console.
-Claiming to be the cheaper console and yet if you want the full experience you are gonna have to dish out a lot of extra money.
-Not compatible hardware.. what do you mean i have to buy a Ms wheel to play racing game the way they should be played. What about my g25??
- Too many rTarD on xbox live.

should i continue ?

Pc is the sheit , Ps3 is awesome and exciting . x360 is .... done.

lcrkz00233492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

In 5 years I would like some of you to return and re-read your posts so that you can see how retarded you sound. Why do you give a damn about which console is so-called winning. THEY ALL ARE WINNING!! They got your money, right. Nintendo, Sony, MS is not paying any of us, so why should you care. They all sold millons and millions of units. Instead of having this useless, childish, fatal attraction love crush on your favorite console, people need to go out buy all the consoles cuz what you are missing out on are some great games. Some of you are blind to the facts , its like you cant like more than one thing at a time. Time to grow up people, WAKE UP! ONLY GAMES MATTER! and last time I checked the more games the better. Only way to accomplish that is multi-consoles.

pain777pas3492d ago

Comparisons are lame and I think M$ has done ok but when its all said and done Sony will be ontop of M$ and maybe Nintendo depending on how things go in Japan. I don't have any loyalty to M$ its just that simple I am not convinced that they even understand gaming at all. Its not very hard to explain my reasoning because I don't feel that M$ deserves the praise that there getting without showing that they have given it their all and are coming up short price to me is all that M$ has left that is compelling. All there major titles will be sequels and the mysterious Alan's Wake that I really cannot get hyped about it just seems ordinary at this point. I really hope M$ does something gaming wise this E3 not buy Sony games but pull off a Nintendo type gaming move that does something new not just copy everyone and market like you did it first. No more Ninja blade moves. M$ makes me sick that you guys actually think they care or understand gaming. No company would let Bioware and Bungie go unless they are clueless at the potential of their games exclusively on their platform. ME was a huge reason I got and xbox originally and now look its long gone. I cannot wait to see how you guys like it when M$ reps keep asking you what you want and you keep telling them they keep giving and meanwhile Sony brings out another innovative idea tech wise and Nintendo taking risks and this lame giant stays the same without anything no vision only purpose make money give consumers what they want now no future proof innovation all pathetic copying everyone around them. Online gaming started long ago with PC and primarily Dreamcast at home. they haven't done anything special except listen to music in games which is cool but I really don't care the only games I want that for are awful sounding puzzle games and racers and maybe some repetitive multiplayer games.

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Lfmesquite3493d ago

but the numbers will be in when both the PS3 and 360 are off the market. I didn't realize this generation was over.

ravinash3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

We're looking another 8 years down the line as well.
Thats a long time, recession will be over and both console would have been pushed to their limit. 360 had a good head start and has had the S*** marketed out of it.
But it can't drop too much in price now and Microsoft is lacking in 1st party devs. So does it have the legs to last that long or will MS try to jump the market by releasing the next gen early again?

Why o why3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

although SOME credible issues are noted......its a little too early to call a winner or say anything's 'beat' anything else especially when you cant see a finish line, i mean, who decided where or when the finish line is???? Also things like xbl and psn are dynamic and can add/tweak features. Yes the 360 is here to stay..granted but making articles like this just seems like premature ejaculation imo..the only people pleased are the ejaculators... Just my opinion

I notice the list has 3rd party exclusives on it (please list how many there are because the last time i checked they were actually in decline)..NOT exclusives games so where some things MS have 'beat' or are beating sony on some aspects by his own logic they have 'lost' or are losing to sony on others ie hardware, openness of psn exclusive games, 1st/2nd developer relationships etc.

The article is a touch 'unbalanced' to put it mildly and like I said a counter 5 reasons sonw-pwns could also be posted for us to bicker over by any of the sites.

ShabzS3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

but props to microsoft they're in their second genereration and are giving sony a run for their money... without ms forget about online console gaming and trophies... 2 things you cant take away from xbox and xbox 360...

Why o why3493d ago

'beat' to beating and i can agree with what you've said as 'beat is something that suggest its after the fact but from where im standing this gen is still ongoing and improvements can and will be made on both sides from hardware on MS's side to psn on sony's side. Great title fight though....definitely brings out a strange passion in the most rational people including myself sometimes;)

edhe3493d ago


Considering the state of last generation with the ps2 Sony was king.

Now considering they're third place i think Nintendo & MS have quite thoroughly stolen the crown from Sony and battered Sony around with it. And are now fighting over who's 'hardcore enough' to keep it.

IcarusOne3493d ago

Whether you think they're winning or not, that's a matter of opinion. And while I agree with most of what this author says, I'm biased, and so I understand the Sony cult's rants.

It's refreshing to see pro-360 articles coming back. Regardless of where you stand in the console war, you have to give Microsoft respect for staying in the fight/owning the fight this far. Sony was certainly king, but then they got a little too drunk on that power and completely fumbled this gen right out of the gate.

They're slowly regrouping and coming back, but 360 will always be there.

Valkyre3493d ago

I loled! :D

The source is completely unbiased!

Someone remind me what exclusives 360 has for 2009 , cause everytime i see the word "exclusive" lately , it is always followed by PS3 after...

edhe3493d ago

Then how many years until it's out? ;)

MS are holding their cards close until E3 for the fun of it.

Otherwise we know.. nothing.

boodybandit3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I see people posting this a lot - let's wait till E3 before deciding what MS has or has not.

Let me ask you an honest question (taking last years GDC, E3 and TGS into account). Do you honestly see MS surprising us with some all new top tier IP/possibly AAA title? Or do you think they will just announce and put dates on games that we already / most likely know are already in development like Forza 3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, ME2 (if it stays exclusive), Bioshock 2 (possibly being a timed exclusive), possibly a new PGR5 (although I read Bizzare isn't going to make one but Turn 10 might) or the rumored games from Rare becoming a reality like KI3, a new Conker, sequel to PD0, etc...? I know I am leaving a few out but I am getting up late this morning (I just got into Gears 2 online and played 3 hours past my bedtime trying to rank up) and just now I am having my first cup of java.

I have both consoles and I am always ready and willing to spend my hard earned disposable income on my favorite hobby (gaming) and I am really looking forward to E3 to see what both MS and Sony have in store for us "gamers" in 09 and beyond.

oh btw. Articles like the one above is a waste of space on N4G. All is does is add fuel to the already blazing firestorm that is N4G. It's a shame the articles about real gaming news get ignored for narrow mined flamebait articles like the one above. I miss the old days of gaming journalism when it was actually about GAMING! Today it's tabloid nonsense spewing negativity just to get hits and fuel fanboy wars.

JeffGUNZ3493d ago

what I have been gathering from interviews from Arron Greenburg, who is microsofts head guy for E3, expect to see Allan Wake gameplay footage and release date by the end of this year. If you listen to the 1on1 interview with bitzbag and arron greenburg, he hints at it. I think that alone will be HUGE for microsoft to show gameplay and release the game by the end of this year.

The thing is, I don't really care about exclusives, think about the great games coming out. Operation Flashpoint 2 this summer, then Modern Warfare 2, those 2 alone will hold most gamers across platforms occupied for atleast a year. I am hoping of Mr. Wake to be released this fall, but I am also pumped to see what they will be bringing to the table with XBOX Live. Expect big things from Microsoft. Expect big things from Sony. Expect big things from nintendo. This is like the mecca of video gaming, there is no "winner", we all win when cool products come out.

phosphor1123493d ago

This is what I wrote:

First of all, nice list you have going for 3rd party exclusives. Which consists of GTA4: Lost and the Damned

Secondly, the only people that buy the $200 Arcade console are the average non-gaming Joe's that get ripped a new one when they end up HAVING to buy the HDD. 512mb memory card? Oo, thats a lot of f*cking content.

No wifi? Dish out another hundred, that easily SURPASSES the cost of the PS3. Enjoy your "value".
"But wifi isn't good for gaming". I have 1.5mbps DSL and my Wifi keeps me lag free.

Lastly, name more than 2 thing XBL has that PSN doesn't. Can't say Netflix because while PSN's isn't a monthly subscription, they have a comparable video alternative. The only thing you CAN say that PSN is lacking is party video chat and party voice chat. Remember, PSN is also free and does not limit games to P2P fact most of PSN servers are dedicated.

Bad list is bad. Do some more research before you start babbling about how the 360 is better.

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