GTA 5: Hints where it could take place

Many people are wondering in which city the next installment of the GTA series will be settled. The self-deputized GTA experts of have investigated and found a few interesting evidence where GTA 5 or however the next GTA will be titled could take place.

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DSco43256d ago

Nice Article, but a little bit speculative.

cRaZyLeGs 933255d ago

Pic is midnight club=WTF?

rockleex3255d ago

Taking place in Vice City.

There were SO MUCH talk about Vice City in GTA:IV. They made it pretty obvious.

xlx-russ_923256d ago

im not getting new gta unless its as fun as gta vice city or san andreas.

beavis4play3255d ago

rockstar needs to look at GTA3, vice city, and san andreas before doing the next game. GTA4 (while nice looking) certainly didn't hold my interest like the previous 3 games did.

ShabzS3256d ago

the plane ticket is a MAJOR clue... but i seriously want to see vice city on rage engine ... and what the hell even tommy as well... fav gta character after nicko

jessehaysfl3256d ago

the next GTA is set in Liberty City.

yess3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago ) actually wouldent suprice me.the only concerne i have is that Vice city is to flat, just like liberty city, i want to go up and watch them come down...i dont wanna se neon light and beautyful sundowns.Its a game not art

jay23256d ago

Dont expect to see it this year in any form got the DLC to go first.

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The story is too old to be commented.