Radical - Prototype 'sidewalk smasher' move is "quadruple-awesome"

VG247: Prototype may have been delayed out of 2008, but there's a silver lining: Alex punching enemies to death on the game's sidewalks has now been polished to the level of "quadruple-awesome," up from a mere "double-awesome" last year.

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DNAgent3518d ago

I'd rather play Infamous. I've already played Prototype when it was called The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

Montrealien3518d ago

I have to say, the fantarts are here are becoming more and more predictable. F*cking broken records repeating the same old tune.

FamilyGuy3517d ago

the games video was coated in a red blur, is this how the game will be? Why make a trailer that doesnt show the visuals of the game?

mirroredderorrim3518d ago

This and InFamous = mucho trophies

JokesOnYou3518d ago

“Wait till you see what happens when you consume someone using the ‘muscle-mass’ ability – it’s a guaranteed jaw-dropper.”

-I'll hold you to it.


FamilyGuy3517d ago

More like "Jaw-ripping-offer"

Yeah, that's what he did, while consuming and becoming the guy in the process.

mirroredderorrim3518d ago

Why did I get a disagree?
Because I plan on getting them both?

You can do this too, if you balance a budget as well as I can.

xabmol3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I spend all my money on energy drinks and the sticky chronic. =[

pixelsword3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

although I plan on getting one now and the other later, I think that getting both in time or at the same time is a good plan.

Dave20013518d ago

Looks great I'm defiantly buying this game day 1 same for infamous it's good to own a Ps3.:p