Xbox 360 Entertainment Pack Revealed

Following Electronic Theatre's unveiling of the brand new European Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle yesterday, we can today bring you details of a another brand new Limited Edition Xbox 360 Bundle arriving on UK shop shelves very soon indeed.

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rawd3493d ago

How many RMA cards does it ship with?

MK24ever3493d ago

That's mean... but funny!

Raoh3493d ago

Anyone remember when the PS3 was being slammed for having too many sku's?

ceedubya93493d ago

This is obviously the generation of "choice," for better or worse.

Einhander3493d ago

How can more choices be a bad thing? Unless of course you're an ignorant consumer which i don't think anyone here is.

SonyRulz3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I don't. Since when is offering a bundle a BAD thing? What Sony HAS been slammed for, is changing up the PS3 hardware configuration, but not changing the price. They've made a habit of increasing the HDD size, just to justify keeping the price at a premium. The sad fact is, they NEED to increase the PS3's HDD size, because as more games are released, more space will be swallowed up by MANDATORY INSTALLS.

ceedubya93493d ago

I don't think choice is a bad thing myself. Either way, I'll buy what I want. A lot of people think that more choices causes confusion, though. I don't really care, as I do research and get what's best for me.

Grown Folks Talk3493d ago

after they slammed Microsoft for doing it, then turned right around & did the same thing. "All these different skus confuse the consumer." remember?

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fjtorres3493d ago

Not another console sku.
Its just a couple bundled games with a controller.
Hardly anything to get excited about.

MK24ever3493d ago

Each time I go to a big retailer they have like a pile of this "shiiit" PS3s and Xbox360s with different colors, it truly resembles a pile of garbaged... expensive garbaged though.

All this sku's are only making people more confuse can't they understand that?
The average Joe goes to a retailer to pick a console and when he get's there he is bombarded with like 20 different bundles with confusing contents (wireless/wired controllers), HDD sizes, games bundles, colors, DLC games, etc...), now mix all that possibilities and you have garbaged marketing from unsold SKUs mixed with new ones.

sak5003493d ago

yes i'm sure its bad choice to have 3-4 skus of a gaming console. On the other hand, its really nice to go to nokia counter and see 21000 models. And out of all those i had to pick up an N96

/ sarc

Sparv-en3493d ago

This bundle has been avalible for like a month here in Sweden...