Burn Zombie Burn! - The PS3 Attitude Review

PS3 Attitude writes:

"Unleashing righteous retribution on the undead is quite in vogue at the moment, so if you've a penchant for sending zombies back to their rightful resting place - you're probably like a kid in a candy store these days.

From Resident Evil 5 to those pesky Nazi brain-suckers popping up in Call of Duty: World at war, the art of zombie suppression has really come into its own, resulting in a tricky conundrum for those of us who will not stand for this shocking practice of brain-thievery. With such a selection on offer, where should we apply our skills when confronted with so many tides of the walking dead?

Of course, not all zombie games are created equal, but if you're also a fan of classic horror movies like the Evil Dead series, Brain Dead (Dead Alive in the US), and the more humourous take on undead extermination - Shaun of the Dead - we think this hard decision has just been made a lot easier. Burn Zombie Burn! is a game that you should run - don't walk - and pick up."

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Danny_D3498d ago

You got me at Shaun of the Dead. I'm in Resident Evil 5 remission so BZB could come in and fill in the zombie killing hole in my soul.

DolphGB3498d ago

Burning zombies and shooting them is so much fun!

Does get a bit tough in places though... dont you think?

techie3498d ago

Burning zombies - sure I saw this game years ago...