The Top 10 Videogame Anti-heroes

Videogames often allow us to be the hero - which is fantastic - but there is something altogether more darkly alluring about playing the morally ambiguous anti-hero. Whether it's running around a cityscape terrorizing its populace, evading the police after a fraught chase or carving your way through an army of foes for selfish reasons, sometimes playing a character with shades of black and grey rather than the usual white makes a refreshing and empowering change.

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JAllard3519d ago

This is a great list. How come there isn't any Microsoft character in there? I'm shocked!!! Well, not really. We suck.

Sony FTW!
J. Allard

lh_swe3519d ago

It makes me wanna play all those games again, I think im going to start with God of war 2 :)

Dark General3519d ago

Damn there all my favorite characters are on it from Raziel to Kratos.

Just reading about Kazuma Kiryu makes me want to get Yakuza 3.

lh_swe3519d ago

I've only heard good things about it and I LOVED Yakuza 2.

UnwanteDreamz3519d ago

Yep, glad they added Raziel to the list, but I think Kain should have been there too.

ShabzS3519d ago

agree with max payne... and tommy vercetti deserves a lone sopt for himself coz he's a stand out from all the other gta protagonists

Mhassan3519d ago

i think that Kratos should have been on the top spot, but i dunno, i never played the Yakuza series. Maybe this summer i will catch up to all the RPGs and games like Yakuza. and not to mention, grind the hell out of my characters in

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