Madden 10 Wii screens

NintendoDpad writes:
"First screen grabs from the Gametrailer episode. Take a look and tell us what you think of the new art style for Wii Madden."

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Product3522d ago

"Genre defining"?? i think not.

avantgarde843522d ago

i was expecting more, like cell shaded or something unique. This looks like blitz without blitz features such as the powerbomb tackle.

Product3522d ago

Man think about that.......Travis Touchdown playing football? Why wasn't Suda a producer on this?

nintendohomie3522d ago

cant deny that i do not like it. Where is the cell shade that was rumored?

Monteblanco3522d ago

I like it. I'll take this cartoonish style over any of the weak attempts by EA Sports to achieve photorealism in the Wii.

sajj3163522d ago

Can't believe I'm saying but this could work. Madden Wii approach should be different than Madden PS3/360. I don't see hardcore Madden fans picking up the Wii version. I do see them picking it up for their 8-10 year old boy.

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