Battlefield 1943 Associate Producer Explains PC Delay

Despite Battlefield being a franchise that was born on the PC, the upcoming Battlefield 1943 will actually hit consoles some three months before it makes its way to personal computers. Why do PC gamers have to suffer when they were the franchise's original fanbase? Associate producer Gordon Van Dyke explains.

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Twizlex3193d ago

Isn't this a PSN/XBLA game anyway? I don't think most PC users care about such a cheap game. At least I don't.

Vault Boy3193d ago

Well, I can see why PC owners would maybe be upset, but at the same time I don't know why it would matter a great deal considering there are so many other great FPSes for PC coming out.

Sandwich Bender3193d ago

Well, apparently there were enough unhappy people to force Van Dyke to explain!

herkules3193d ago

yeah, there are A LOT of good pc shooters coming out and already out, so its not that big of a deal to me.

Sandwich Bender3193d ago

There are a lot of great PC shooters, but things like this still sting. Especially if you're a diehard Battlefield fan with only a PC.

evrfighter3193d ago

Wow I almost believed him.

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herkules3193d ago

that piracy reason makes a lot of sense. I mean piracy has gotten really out of hand so if that is the reason i almost don't blame them.

Twizlex3193d ago

Piracy's a dumb reason if you ask me. The only way to really prevent it is to not release the game at all.

Ghoul3193d ago

or release it on psn/live

so far its pretty much impossible to pirate a live/psn game.
and bluray also is a 100% secure atm.

releasing the game on 360 dvd or pc THAT would be no problem and the game would be on shareplattforms before release.

free2game3653193d ago

Nobody pirates multiplayer online games. Anyone who does would have never ever bought the game in the place.

Sandwich Bender3193d ago

I'm guessing that if it is a piracy concern, they're hoping that the people who want the game will have already bought it on PSN/Live before it hits PC.

But free2game brought up a good point in that people don't generally pirate online multiplayer games; I'm not even sure they can. I still believe Van Dyke in that they're just delaying it to ensure quality.

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xg-ei8ht3192d ago

I might have bought it on pc.

But i have a PS3, so i'll get it on that:0