Left 4 Dead Survival Pack wasn't worth the wait

Since last holiday season's Left 4 Dead release, gamers have been vanquishing homicidal zombies with bloodthirsty glee. But as fun as the game is, no one can deny the lack of content there seemed to be. With only four campaigns and a versus mode that utilized the same locale, you could only play for so long before it felt tired. To combat this zombie exhaustion, Valve released the Survival Pack which aimed to increase the longevity of the experience. It wasn't worth the wait.

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DNAgent3497d ago

Of course it wasn't worth the wait. All the DLC did was give you the full game that you bought. People who bought the game before the DLC only bought half of the game.

iceice1233497d ago

But feel free to go TRY and enjoy that overpriced Killzone 2 DLC.

TheIneffableBob3497d ago

I don't know... I think it's pretty fun. It's good for short bursts of gameplay. It's still very new so obviously not everybody is going to perform their best. I see a person who doesn't yet have the Last Stand achievement in almost every game I've played so far; we'll have to wait a week or two until people are familiar with the change in play style.

y0haN3496d ago

It's fun and it's free. This is just the base of what's to come. It's the idea, the game mode that is what is new here. You can expect a lot of bug fixes and gameplay changes based on player experiences in the coming weeks. Not to mention custom maps and mods for the PC version ;).

qface643497d ago

i agree it really wasn't worth the wait when i first heard of it i heard there would be new enemies and weapons that got me excited then when i found out it wasn't happening meh

i played survival 1 time then just went back to finishing the games i haven't beaten on my ds yet

Hildor_muthafo3496d ago

I want some new maps. I could care less about it being free, I'll friggin pay for new maps. I really love this game, there's just not enough content. It really desperately needs at least 3-4 more campaigns. And the two they "unlocked" not added, should have been with the release of the game. There is a reason why this content is free, and was supposed to come out before the new year.

emk20043497d ago

ya if you wana play a survival mode horde mode owns it. i agree it was not worth the wait but its still worth a go around

3497d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.