Women Playing More Games

What do gamers look like?

According to Nielsen Games, gamers are looking a lot more feminine then you might expect.

True, the most-active console users fit the stereotype-male, ages 12 to 17 with annual household income of $70,000 or more. They mostly played PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

However, gaming has grown increasingly popular among older players, other demographic groups-and women.

Women ages 25 and older tended to be more faithful to their consoles than men of the same age, making building customer loyalty among console-makers a good strategy.

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Szarky3498d ago

me likey chick in pic

Mmmm I love a girl with a controller in her hand.

crematory3498d ago

i hope she likes playing flight games i would love to give her my stick

news4noobs3498d ago

looks kinda tasty but wears to many clothes

The_Zeitgeist3498d ago

Wow that pic sold this story. I love how the article is trying to paint female gamers as a legit and yet the pic of a chick in her undies sells the story.

Immortal Kaim3498d ago

Of course the picture has to be of a scantly clad woman. I'm surprised many women take up online gaming when the majority of gamers are pre-pubescent, sexually frustrated 'kids' spewing offensive diatribe...

omodis4203498d ago

Okay now you are just trying to seem smart. Me like boobies!

Immortal Kaim3498d ago

Is this better?

This chick is hot, look at her mad tits...

See, nothing productive about that comment, it just feeds the insecure teens the notion that women are nothing but sexual objects. Now, if we were a mature industry then there wouldn't even need to be a distinction between male and female gamers, I can dream can't I?

Serjikal_Strike3498d ago

did anyone read the article?

or are u guys just lookin at the pic?

Immortal Kaim3498d ago

Sorry I should add, the article itself was fine, it was more the implications of the pic :)

INehalemEXI3498d ago

news flash unless you are homo or have a rare bewbphobia you will love bewbs from the craddle to the grave. At least thats the way I feel about it.

I still have to put in work to get my gf on games Im not worried.

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Enate3498d ago

We know more females are playing games just like more people are period but do we need an article every 5 days to tell us about it.

BWS19823498d ago

"more females playing games" should be refined into what kind of games they are playing. Wii Fit and Guitar Hero aren't the same as a new audience for Bioshock and God of War. I'm not saying "girls don't play boys' games" or anything, but many articles like this (speaking in general, not on this article) talk of how new users are getting into games etc...when much of the time it's the Wii or DS, etc...and not so much hardcore gaming, not that that doesn't happen, but I'm just saying....

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