New video for Sega's Wii game, Let's Tap

This article shows and discusses a newly released video from Sega's upcoming, Wii title as well as describes the games' five different play modes.

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Cajun Chicken2589d ago

I am really critical on the subject of this one.

WhittO2588d ago

that is like the worst game/advert ive ever seen! lol.

You would see better quality ads/product in "The Apprentice"!

pamkhat2589d ago

Tapping a box...nice. Oh and best video ever.

stonepaintings2589d ago

yes, the video is quite odd. The people are so...happy.

Monteblanco2588d ago

Didn't like the trailer but I am intrigued as I think they might pull out a fun game from this concept.

peeps2588d ago

hmmm could prob play similar games for free on an iphone

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