How Sony can stop piracy on the PSP

Recently, a Sony representative indicated that the piracy on the PSP is "sickening." There is not doubt that piracy is rampant on the handhelds such as the PSP and Nintendo DS. However, there are measures Sony can take to reduce the piracy on the PSP.

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ElementX3498d ago

By releasing the PSP2?

BTW, quit submitting blogs

Blaze9293498d ago

it doesnt get any smarter than that; release the PSP2.

Mindboggle3498d ago

The article doesnt mention the PSP2 at all, the only way they can think of is to have a firmware update that prevents it lol.

Call me stupid but havent Sony been trying to do this since it was hacked, and have finally been able to stop it recently, with PSPs on firmware 4.00 above being impossible to hack.

Stupid article

anh_duong3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

the latest psp aren't hackable yet. so in a way sony has already solved the problem. furthermore, as far as i am aware having a new firmware doesn't stop the use of pandora on older psp so a new fw won't necessarily solve the problem.

best to way to overcome piracy for older psp is make more games link online more often where more checks can be perform for custom fw e.g. trophies, multiplayer, dlc etc.

Foxgod3498d ago

Even the psp2 would be hacked sooner or later, its impossible to create something that cannot be hacked.
See a security kind of like a lock on a door, every lock you apply will make it harder for people to break in, but not impossible.

However, adding more and more locks will push up the costs of your door.

masterg3498d ago

Sony should have build in a remote detinator. Anyone with an old hackable firmware enters a wifi area gets a firmware update without doing anything. Problem solved :)

Background download and install. Oops your pirated games work no more.

3498d ago
Foxgod3498d ago

That wifi idea sounds nice, but a simple hardware mod would disable it.
Even a firmware mod could disable the wifi auto downloading.

xabmol3498d ago

A WiFi mod that lets you turn it on/off. We could have the CFW update in under a week. Next lock please. xD

XxSpiiKeZxX3498d ago

releasing psp 2 could be a solution
but we are talking bout the psp and one of sony's big mistake was not supporting the homebrew communityies
think about it if sony managed to put all the features of homebrew then Sony could have the right to sue the hackers since they cant use the excuse "oh we're doing it for homebrew" so maybe then there wont be any piracy

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markus993498d ago

I agree, if Sony supported the homebrew community that Piracy would be dramatically reduced.

Even Dark Alex a well known PSP hacker said he wants to support the homebrew community and not the act of piracy in itself.

Foxgod3498d ago

He may have said that, but that is politics, stuff like that you say in your own defense.
If he wanted homebrew only, he would have locked out iso booting in his firmware.

TheMART3498d ago

Uh, they already pretty much stopped it, at least for some time.

Since the introduction somewhere Fall 2008, the PSP 3000 hasn't been -fully- hacked. Yes there has been some kind of game exploit, but nothing like a full working M33 firmware and no backups running.

Thats the way to go including no games on UMD, but through download with some kind of protection like the 360 also has on XBL purchases, they can't be copied while the 360 DVD games can be copied and played.

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