1UP: We Explore Monster Hunter G's Online Experience

Although Monster Hunter Tri isn't out yet, the recently released Monster Hunter G offers a taste of what the upcoming title's online features will be like. Set up is painless, and an in-game store gives you the option to buy "tickets" (30 to 90 days of online access) using Wii points -- though to get you started, G comes with a 14-day free trial.

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Myst3524d ago

*Throws confetti up into the air* if it's like that then I really don't mind to much about that pay to play stuff. Again I'm still saddened since I'm very slightly sure that one would be able to export their character files over to Tri~ from G. I kind of don't want to start all over in Tri~ and rather play G, but as long as we still get Tri~. I guess I should be fine :/

FinalomegaS3523d ago

Hi there,

I am an old school "hardcore" hack & slash RPG player, I think I put down over 15 000 hours on PSO ( DC, GCN) maybe even more. I've been dying to play Tri since I first saw it but is G even worth it after you've played the demo of Tri?

Myst3523d ago

In my opinion not really, but being that every monster hunter gives you the ability to port your character data from one game to the next installment it's a big help and a big boost when starting the next series. So lets say for example a Bone was hard to find in tri~ but easy to find in G. If you port your character over from G with 100 bones you'd pretty much be set. So collecting material that may not be as readily available on one makes one go back and play the older series to get it and port it over to the newer.

Then again it's just me wanting to play a monster hunter on the Classic controller (seeing as G was bundled with one) and wanting to get used to the characters, but mainly getting the weapons and porting them over to tri~ would have been the best thing. To get the best you'd pretty much have to run through all of G and then wait for Tri~

FinalomegaS3523d ago

Did they announce that you can transfer over to Tri?

That feature sounds like some other method used in some games. Helps us keep track and get right into the dirty jobs we want to do.

That's great. Well since I live in Canada I'll wait for it to come to NA.


Myst3523d ago

Nope as far as my knowledge goes they haven't announced it, but usually they do it so hoping that they might do it.

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