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pwnsause3493d ago

PlayStation domination in japan

xbollox3493d ago

strong showing of the 360 against Ps2:
amazing, M$ is conquering Japan!

chaosatom3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Now it's 1:5 or something.

I also remember those days where they declared ps3 as dead, when 360 sold more that month by some 1000.

rambi803493d ago

yeah good to see some ps3 love.
Not bad numbers by 360 either.
Competition = quality
We benefit from it

fm813493d ago

yeah it dominate japan,,but when NPD n worldwide numbers comes out,,wii outsold ps3 in the last 3 months,,u people dont get it,,winning japan doesnt mean u outsold every1 around the world mate,,last month numbers for wii was 600,000 units sold while ps3 only 230,000,,if u add japan numbers o 50,000 to the 230,000 ps3 av already,,it still not gonna catch up to the wii,,same gonna appen this month too feller..

jahcure3493d ago

You do know NPD is MONTHLY. These are WEEKLY sales...sheesh

morganfell3493d ago

fm81, have you not bothered to analyze World Wide sales? If you had you would realize that since launch in Europe Sony has been pounding 360 sales outselling the 360 by an average of 87 thousand consoles a month.

Incognegro3493d ago

even tho what he said wasn't the smartest.. he still didn't say anything about the 360 tho. so he's technically....right but his analysis needed some work.

morganfell3493d ago

True but he seems bitter the Wii is starting to hit the question mark. By that I mean people are asking why they should actually buy one as the gimmick attraction isn't a lasting one.

Saigon3493d ago

shocked about this news...its been ongoing for 2 months now...

360 man3493d ago

@ morganfell

can u post a link that shows ps3 outselling 360 87 thousand a month please.

if not, stop chattin shiit and pullin numbers from ur a$$. crazy fanboy

N4Flamers3493d ago

to think that the ps3 was not going to sell that much in japan when the FFXIII demo came out. I mean the demo is cool, the bundle is cool, and the FFVsXIII trailer is cool too. I guarantee this will happen when FFXIII gets released too. It's like packaging it with crack and selling it in California, even the governor would buy one.

cmrbe3493d ago

This is 1 week not a month.

Japan is very important. Do you ever wonder why FF13 is exclusive in Japan?. Japan is the spirutural home of console gaming as well as being the HQ of some of the biggest devs and publisher in gaming. 12% could mean win or lose in the market share.

Xiru3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Why do people still defend the Wii by saying "Oh yeah, well Wii is beating PS3 in console sales worldwide!!!" Does it even matter anymore? Nintendo has shown that they don't care about you guys with the lack of software. Even the third parties who are trying to save the Wii, are failing. A great game like Madworld bombed, and The Conduit is next. The Wii can sell 1 billion a week and the PS3 would still have better games. In comparison to its competition, PS3 is holding its own, even at the highest price it still keeps up with 360. This is why Sony won't drop the price yet.

Sony has the best lineup for 2009, and the best chance to shock us at e3 this year. A price drop would be the cherry on top.

morganfell3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

First of all I said European sales. World wide it is less but the PS3 is still ahead in monthly sales. Sony hasn't bothered with this because it is a little complicated and wouldn't look good.

Just remember these are Microsoft's figures and words and you asked for this:

Do you recall this Microsoft comment:

They say they are at least 3/4 of a million ahead. I'll go one better and say they are a million ahead.

I don't agree with the million lead figure but it's easier to work with and it actually benefits Microsoft for me to say a million instead of 750k. Not that it will do them any good. Ready? Here we go.

If 360 is one million ahead it is still a strike in the favor of the PS3. A huge one. Why? Watch.

Remember, the 360 did not have a year head start on the PS3 in Europe. They had a year and a half. 18 months. For reference be aware the PS3 launched in Europe 1 week prior to the end of Q3 2006 (March 31 2007).

For sales you should know that at the end of Q1 2006 (September 30th 2006) MS reported they had already moved a total of 6 Million units. MS said 1.7 Million of those 360's were in Europe. That means 28.3% of sales were Europe.

By the end of Q3 (March 31, 2007) The worldwide total was 11 Million. I do not have the European breakdown, MS went quiet as to how many of that 11 Million were European sales. For the previous Q1 I mentioned that 1.7 Million of the 6 Million total were European and that was 28.3%. If we assume a similar percentage, which is reasonable, then the European totals at the end of Q3 2006 (March 31 2007 - 1 week after PS3 launch in Europe) would be roughly 3.11 Million.

So at PS3 launch the 360 is roughly 3.11 million ahead in Europe.

Remember, the PS3 Euro launch and Microsoft's Q3 2006 were 1 week apart.

And despite that advantage the PS3 has pulled to within a million in the largest game sales territory. Microsoft said they were only 750.000 ahead. I'll give them 1,000,000. That means Sony made up lost ground and cut down 2.11 million of the 360 head start. To do something Microsoft says is fact, that means on average since launch the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in Europe by roughly 87,916 consoles a month.

Look at the most the current US and Japanese sales figures for the month of March.

PS3: 218,000 NPD (US) + 116,109 (Japan) = 334,109

360: 330,000 NPD (US) + 33,662 (Japan) = 363,662

A difference of just 29,553.

Now subtract that amount from the clobbering Sony has been handing out in Europe.

87,916 - 29,553 = 58,363 in favoe of the PS3.

Now the Euro sales are an average. No doubt some months are higher and some lower. But anyone that has been watching the Euro monthly sales knows that outside of the UK the PS3 has been easily outselling the 360. It isn't just about the US.

Sony just pulled off selling 10 million consoles in a fiscal year. The 360 has never done that and Europe was a huge part of that PS3 effort.

So with the aid of Second grade math we can see that to pull within a million the PS3 has managed quite a feat.

Now do you see why Sony hasn't been in a rush to cut the PS3 price again?

There are a great many people that are going to have to pack their bags if Sony announces a price cut. Using simple math we see a sign that Sony is able to keep pace with a much cheaper unit. Now combine what I just stated above concerning European sales. What chance will MS have if Sony cuts the price? With a lackluster lineup there isn't a ultra hardcore 360 supporter that will be able to show their face on this board.

A smart person would temper their comments so they do not come off as a laughing stock until they get a better look at E3.

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XxSpiiKeZxX3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

now lets just wait until it spreads in europe and north america
i can see it now

and i think sony should do the same in these regions
that cloud ps3 looks so damn sexy

Gamer_Politics3493d ago

sony cant do the same in the NA/Euro market with FF13 because its multiplat.....

windmill1453493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

That didn't stop MS from releasing the Red Resident Evil Xbox 360.
and besides isn't that symbol from FFVll?

Sony Rep3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

This gen is far from over

dericb113493d ago

I know huh lol. When the full retail game drops I wonder what the sells will look like? 100k, 150k, maybe 250k. Ok 250k is a crazy but its really going to be a high number of PS3 sells doing the end of the year in Japan.

rambi803493d ago

i would love to be a fly on the wall at a square enix strategy meeting.
If such a thing exists.

icup23493d ago

It a marathon and not a sprint.

chaosatom3493d ago

Sadly the 360 doesn't have the legs to compete in the marathon in japan.

360 man3493d ago

same can be said about ps3 in america

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