E3 Is Near Will Xbox 360 Steal Another Show From Its Competition

Microsoft definitely stole the thunder from Sony's camp last year at E3, when they announced FF XIII was coming to the Xbox 360 console. The magnitude of that announcement had gamers worldwide in complete shock, and Sony fans filled with a deep hatred towards Microsoft for stealing another major exclusive.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I don't see how announcing a multiplatform game is "stealing the show", especially when Final Fantasy XIII is exclusive to the PS3 in Japan, where it matters.

Sony announced NEW games, Microsoft didn't. Their last E3 presentation sucked and they didn't show anything AT ALL at GDC this year. E3 really is their last chance.

CaseyRyback_CPO3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

What games did ms steal the show with again that came out last year? Oh yeah..

Lips and you're in the movies.

I've always said the biggest "gaming" news for MS is buying a sony related title. Its pathetic.

soxfan20053519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

So, if Sony were to announce that they had made a deal to make "Gears of War 3" multi-platform, you would just shrug it off as "another multi-platform announcement"?

Look at what a big deal was made here when "Ninja Gaiden 2" was announced for the PS3 after being a 360 exclusive.

windmill1453519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

STEAL? How the hel..... oh wait just more HHG flamebait, never mind, best just to ignore.
No point in reporting this either, we ALL know this article will reach the front page sooner or later just like all the other ones.

3519d ago
Jaces3519d ago

I really can't see anything to big. Even if Alan Wake and ME2 was to appear it's still not enough compared to how much Sony has to show.

Trust me, it's going to be big. Team ICO baby!

GUNS N SWORDS3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

"The only good news that could come from a gears 3 announcement would be if it was a ps3 exclusive. I doubt i'm alone in thinking that I'd rather not see a yet another DVD limited unreal engine multiplatform title.. over something developed that uses modern hardware. Not really missing much as far as gaming experience goes, and definitely not missing anything in respect to visuals. The 360 has yet to show a 2.0 version of a title."

ps3's UT3 had a whole year all to it's self, utilizing ps3's power, internet functionally, ps3's motion functionally, ect.

and even still 360 still got the better version, in terms of graphics, framerate, and control (360's controller was born for fps's)

now, the only UT3 game in existence that begs for a blu-ray isn't bioshock, isn't mirror's edge, isn't UT3, and sure as sh!t isn't gears of war 1 and 2, it's................last remnant.

now, up until now ps3's version of last remnant has been in limbo for a long when that game finally come out and you get to play it, you can tell the whole world how much the ut3 engine needs blu-ray. K?

BigMassacre3519d ago

UT3 on the PS3 has Keyboard and Mouse support, and umm...what's those magical things that you can download for free? Oh. Mods. Not to mention that new, free DLC that adds a ton of stuff.

GiantEnemyCrab3519d ago

MS announced zero new games at E3 last year? Ahh, the selective memory of a PS3 troll and I see ONCE AGAIN you have the entire gang here at the top of the comments list to ensure this topic gets derailed quickly.

Go back and look at E3 last year there were new games announced and not only full retail but a bunch of new XBLA stuff as well. I'm still waiting for the SouthPark game.

Funny, Sony has this in the bag according to many of you but you sure are in here looking a bit in a panic and trying extra hard to downplay MS or anything they might do.

Personally, I want to see a good showing from both of them.

pain777pas3519d ago

There is no other exclusives to take. Konami can do what they want and release MGS on that platform because that is pretty much the last game they can take that anyone cares about. I have already set myself in a place where I cannot care about 3rd parties anymore from a loyalty stand point if the game sucks I won't purchase it. M$ will go after Konami just be ready for the mega tun bomb. I know that Kojima may regret it in the end or maybe not he's strong enough and experienced enough to take the heat but be prepared to only care about what the 1st parties are doing because M$ wants it all and then some. GT4 anyone or FF13? Get ready!

INehalemEXI3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I gave up on MS , 360 broke 3 times to many. They would have to have an extremely great show to convince me to get a new 360.

Saying we got FF13 Versus too or we are going to get something PS3 will get too is not going to impress me either. It would have to be a few really impressive games that are not coming to PC or PS3, then I might risk it.

Dragun6193519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Honestly, Is there even anything left to take from PS3 besides first party titles?

Seriously, Microsoft already got most games that were expected to be exclusive to PS3 such as Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy 13, Tekken 6,and Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Hell, they even got Exclusive DLC for GTA4, Fallout 3, and Tomb Raider. So The only thing I can think of on how MS can steal the thunder from Sony is that MGS5 or MGS4: Existence is announced multiplatform. And I believe that would be unlikely but i said the same thing about FF13, So who knows.

All I know is that Sony is on a roll with Both PSP and PS3 as their line-up for 09 is steadily increasing along with more third party support. (EA Sports Complex, Assassin Creed PSP, Rock Band PSP, etc.)

I did not murder him3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I think people know by now Microsoft's goal each year is to try and court the industry with an shock and awe strategy. I don't think having games associated with the Playstation brand will always be the method how Microsoft does this.
Microsoft put in some extra effort in keeping what they have under wraps. I bet another BlockBuster Year with plenty of Blockbuster exclusives, some new and some due.

I agree with some others in here. Most games worth Microsoft's time *or* would be a threat to their standing in the industry if left exclusive to PS3 are already multiplatform. Devs are also wanting to jump in.

S.D.F. has been spot on with their Emergency Response Team acting like kids that have been beaten lashing out and attacking. I'm not talking about console sales but physically, dam same ones in every post.

I don't think sitting in here agreeing with eachother bubbling eachother up is going to help PS3.

Saigon3519d ago

i me MS did nothing at the 2008 e# show...but everyone claimed they stole the show because they announced one game MP...what else did they announce...Last year if you look at all their games that the MS camped hyped about only 2 did very well in he holiday season...GeoW2 and F2...everything else did not live up to the hype...

and people talk about sony...

ThanatosDMC3519d ago

Here's the ultimate megaton: "We bought Sony!"

Then they raise flags that says "PWNED!" I'd die laughing if this ever happens...

menoyou3519d ago

agreed, microsofts showing last year was mediocre. nintendos was the worst, and sonys was the best. steal another game? maybe. steal another show? lol, they have yet to do so.

I did not murder him3519d ago

They stole the show a handful of trolls won't change how the whole industry seen it Microsoft's E3 was so shocking people wanted to commit suicide.

GUNS N SWORDS3519d ago

"Guns N Swords
UT3 on the PS3 has Keyboard and Mouse support"

what's that keyboard and mouse just to play an fps on a console? thanks, i like my bleach white smooth round portable clean smelling vibrating 360 controller, built for FPS gaming ( i love pushing people's buttons,lol :)

and besides, where's the portability in that?
and what about rumble?
and what about two player co-op, what you rather have two mouses and two keyboards instead?

the main reason why i got a console was to use it as a console and not a pc.

littletad3519d ago

As much as I don't like the title, Microsoft did steal the show. What made headlines? What made fanboys whine? What made suicide threats? Yes, exactly. Boxfan said it best too, comparing if Gears went multiplatform.

So despite Killzone 2, God of War, and LBP; it was the main thing on gamers minds that day. All your doing is using the advantage that more Sony fans are on here to help claim your logic is "true" in agrees. That's it.

snipermk03519d ago

"i like my bleach white smooth round portable clean smelling vibrating 360 controller, built for FPS gaming"

Wait till you get pwned by a keyboard and mouse player and then we'll see who's your daddy then.

Argento-Nox3519d ago


I care for NG2, b/c the PS3 version gets extra stages, playable characters and online co-op so I can play with my brother. Whether or not I'd care for GeoW3 is a different story, it'd really depend on whether or not GeoW1+2 were available.

jammy_703519d ago

ps3 will keep the show, and throughout the year aswell :)

nintenflo3519d ago

Nintendo will steal the show! or at least they better do or im tradin in my wii!!

Karum3519d ago

I'd certainly shrug it off as just another multi-plat announcement.

Sure it'd be a big surprise and it'd make waves among gamers, fanboys and the gaming media just like the FF13 announcement did last year but at the end of the day it's still just another multi-plat game.

I don't need the 3rd iteration of a game on PS3 when I can play it on my 360, I'd much rather have a new exclusive IP on my PS3 than Gears 3.

Besides, no point having Gears 3 on PS3 without having t he first 2 in the series.

Fanboys would surely rave about it but can we not forget them for once and focus on those of us who live in the realms of common sense?

ttigass3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

"what's that keyboard and mouse just to play an fps on a console? thanks, i like my bleach white smooth round portable clean smelling vibrating 360 controller, built for FPS gaming ( i love pushing people's buttons,lol :)

and besides, where's the portability in that?
and what about rumble?
and what about two player co-op, what you rather have two mouses and two keyboards instead?

the main reason why i got a console was to use it as a console and not a pc. "

well i dont know if you know that you can play with the dualshock 3 on the ps3... what the ps3 have is choices on how a person wants to play.
if you want to play with mouse and keyboard than you play with it, if not, than you play with the dualshock 3...
also the 360 controller was made for FPS gaming?
its just oppinions but i hate that controller because the analog sticks are in diagonal. i prefer the ps3s controller... its more natural to controll.
again just oppinions
also the dualshock 3 also has rumble...

"the main reason why i got a console was to use it as a console and not a pc. "
if you want to play with a controller you can play with it, the ps3 allows you to make choices on how you want to play, its not like you HAVE to play with keyboard and mouse...

edgeofblade3519d ago

To play PS3 exclusives, you pay a $100-200 premium for the privilege. That's a fact. More and more third-party is showing up on 360. And it costs less to buy an Xbox 360. Therefore, it costs less to play third-party games on 360.

As long as 360 is so much cheaper than PS3, every former Sony exclusive Microsoft knocks loose has the effect of decreasing the value of the PS3. Microsoft owns the third-party multiplatform space because of their price position.

I love it when fanboys make up new criteria for success, like the number of exclusives. What matters are sales and profits.

Downtown boogey3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

GT5? MAG? Heavy Rain? FFXIII Versus? R&C: Crack in time? You just couldn't mention these NO

table3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

"what matters is sales and profits"

err no. what matters to us is the games and right now the 360 is lacking in this department.

Do you actually get more pleasure seeing the 360 console and games selling or do you get more pleasure from playing the games, I know what any sane person would prefer.

MasFlowKiller3519d ago

lol, once u own a ps3 is cost the same to play almost every game that is on the 360, too bad it doesn't work the other way around

syanara3519d ago

being a sony fan I WOULD NOT want gears 3 multi-platform not because i think the game sucks only because it does not belong to the PS3 I mean xbox is known for gears and if a ps3 has that game its just not right, I have no realy intrest to play that game anyways. gears 3 multi-platform announcement would be stupid and would never happen FFXIII was a stupid announcement because its still exclusive in japan where its greatest fanbase is in order to keep things equal in a gears announcement it would have to stay exclusive in america so no matter what its still a stupid idea another reason FFXIII wasnt a big deal is cause of versus XIII so MS did not "STEAL the show" IMO because of how it was not THAT harmful to the PS3

McMee3519d ago

Im not saying Microsoft is going to steal the show, Im just tired of all the people saying that Microsoft has no games and this is their final chance. Yes I am aware of the PS3's superior line-up but here are the 09 exclusives anounced or not, I could think of and Mass Effect 2.
- Huxley
- Velvet Assassin
- Splinter Cell: Whatever its called now
- Halo Wars
- Halo ODST
- Alan Wake
- Mass Effect 2
- Ninja Blade
Just saying there are some games, just not as good or confirmed but E3 is right around the corner.

Shinro3519d ago


You only need to buy the PS3... ONCE!

Interpret that in whatever way you prefer.

slpknt6sic63519d ago

Microsoft didn't steal E3 to any true gamer, showing a game we already had inst anything for us ps360 owners. i wanted new (good) games not your in the movies or a Singstar ripoff. i love my 360 its a sexy beast just like the ps3 but its lacking games for a while now. there hasnt been anything good since gears 2, while sony had lbp, resistance2, killzone2, and now infamous, followed by heavyrain. Sony is filling our gaming needs but microsoft is just falling behind. and i remember when certain people here called the ps3 the wait station 3 or delay station3. Now the tables have turned big time the 360 is starting to look like the wait station while we wait for Alan Wake. sighs... I kind of feel bad for being that harsh toward the 360 but its the truth.

Sarcasm3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I hope MS announces something mindblowing that is EXCLUSIVE and takes advantage of the 360 hardware to the MAX! Not a multiplatform title.

I don't have to hope for Sony to do that, since they've already been doing it.

Nonetheless, unless all of you guys can see the future, at this point it is all speculation and guesses. Let's just way for E3 shall we?

jaysquared3518d ago

Here comes the "M$ has nothing against Sonys lineup this year" talk again.. Didn't we all hear this before! Sony has probably the most hyped up line up in any console wars in any gen! Their games get the most hyyped and becomes the biggest letdown! Just look at KZ2!! Had the hype of Halo3 didn't deliver! Seriously Sony fans just stay humble but I know its hard when the PS3 keeps getting its butt worked by the 360!

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MainEv3nt 693519d ago

whats the only other big 3rd party exclusive mgs4?

Parapraxis3519d ago

hmm SOCOM, God of War, Twisted Metal, Ratchet & Clank to name a few.

butterfinger3519d ago

Isn't GOWIII being developed by SONY Santa Monica?

Parapraxis3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Sorry butterfinger , you're right.
I was being lazy and missed that the God of War game listed was from Ready at Dawn Studios, God of War: Chains of Olympus.

butterfinger3519d ago

really couldn't afford to lose GOWIII, so it's a good thing nobody can take it. lol

ash_divine3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

SOCOM is a Sony-owned franchises, just like ratchet and God of War.

I don't know if that was sarcasm or not, but if it wasn't then you should really do some research.

EDIT: to elaborate further, Ratchet and clank is developed by a third party(Insomniac) but the IP belongs to Sony. Sony bought Zipper Interactive in 2006, which makes them first party(even though they always owned the IP). and God of War's developed by Sony themselves.

Parapraxis3519d ago

OWNED is irrelevant.
"whats the only other big 3rd party exclusive mgs4? "
Says nothing about whether Sony owns the rights to the IPs or not does it?


* Level-5 – White Knight Chronicles, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud
* Game Republic – Folklore, Genji
* Q-Games – PixelJunk
* Media.Vision – Wild Arms
* Pyramid – Patapon
* From Software – Demon's Souls

North America

* Insomniac Games – Resistance, Ratchet & Clank
* Sucker Punch Productions – InFamous, Sly Cooper
* ThatGameCompany – Flow, Flower
* Ready at Dawn Studios – God of War: Chains of Olympus, Daxter
* High Impact Games – Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Secret Agent Clank
* Eat Sleep Play – Twisted Metal: Head On
* Slant Six Games – SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3
* LightBox Interactive


* Quantic Dream – Heavy Rain
* Relentless Software – Buzz!
* Media Molecule – LittleBigPlanet
* Ninja Theory – Heavenly Sword

All 3rd party studios, all exclusives.

ash_divine3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

You do realize that if Sony owns the game and/or the developer, that makes the company and/or it's games (or maybe just certain games like White Knight Cronicles) become first party.

I'll put it like this, Ninja Theory may want to make Heavenly Sword multiplatform, but since's it's Sony's game, not their's, that won't happen. Oh and Sucker Punch is also owned by Sony. Seriously dude, CHECK YOUR FACTS. just because that team has it's own name does not mean it's a different company. Is TEAM ICO also a third party? just because the team has it's own name?

and to ansewer MainEvent's question: the only Major third party games left are Final Fantasy Versus XIII(which I'd still buy even if it is announced to be Multi-plat) and LA Noire. you could also list MGS4 but I don't think Microsoft can "steal a show" with a game that's almost a year old.



Parapraxis3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

None of those companies are owned or under contract by SCE.


They may make games that Sony owns the IP to, but guess what they are EXCLUSIVES either way.
As I said ALREADY MainEv3nt 69 Did NOT ask for games that were intellectual properties of the studios themselves.

He ask fro Exclusive 3rd party games and I listed some.
why is it so hard for you to understand that?
Exclusives that are made by 3rd party studios.


red5ive3519d ago

Yeah, Parapraxis is right. I remember Gamespot talking about this on their On The Spot podcast about 1st party, 3rd part, etc. I think it was the podcast broadcasted two weeks ago or three weeks ago.

Bubbles for Parapraxis for laying down the education.

HHG is retarded btw.

aaron58293519d ago

I know it's not gonna happen.. but how i wish there's Heavenly Sword 2.

Aclay3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

"whats the only other big 3rd party exclusive mgs4?"

Pretty much the only other big 3rd party game worth mentioning that's still exclusive to the PS3 other than MGS4 is Final Fantasy Versus XIII.... I guess you could say L.A. Noire too, but so little is known about the game and I wouldn't care whether it gets announced for the 360.

If there's no multiplatform announcement for either MGS4 or Versus XIII at E3, I really don't see Microsoft "stealing the show", because Sony has a lot more games lined up that people already know about, and because the FFXIII multiplatform announcement last year saved Microsoft's entire E3 Press Conference if you ask me.

Right now I don't think that either MGS4 or Versus XIII will go multiplat. because MGS4 has already sold really well on the PS3 (over 4.5 million) and Kojima Productions would just be wasting their time with a port when they could be working on MGS5 or ZOE3. And I don't think that Versus XIII will go multi. because of Nomura's influence.

ash_divine3519d ago

YES, that was what i was essentially getting at.(even though i failed to use the correct term.) Some people don't understand the concept of second party games.

Companies like Game Republic and Insomniac could very well make games for the 360, they just can't make games like RATCHET AND CLANK, GENJI, RESISTANCE, or other games owned by Sony for non- Sony platforms like the WII and 360. that was all I was trying to say.

Araceae3519d ago

Sorry Parapraxis, but like others have already stated those games (IPs) are owned by SONY and can’t be stolen. Could those developers make games that aren’t exclusive to the PS3? Sure. However, some of the studios you listed are in fact owned by SONY (Sucker Punch) or they have contracts for “X” amount of games with SONY (MM). So those games will be exclusive to SONY as well.

SoapShoes3519d ago

None of those games are 3rd party, they're all made by first or second party Sony companies. So you claiming that the criteria is not definitive doesn't save your ignorant comment.

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MainEv3nt 693519d ago

Sony owns the rights to all those games and some of those developers...

Parapraxis3519d ago

Doesn't make them any less 3rd party or exclusive.
It's not my fault you didn't define your crietria more difinitively.

aldesko3519d ago

Dude... if the IPs are owned by sony and it's not developed by one of Sony's studios, it's a second party game.

You were replying to someone who asked what other big third party GAMES are left by listing a bunch of first/second party games.

KionicWarlord2223519d ago

Well.. it depends on what you like and what you enjoy.Anyone can say ms or sony had the most to offer ,BUT this is by opinion.

MainEv3nt 693519d ago

if sony owns those games and some of the companies then how is it considered a 3rd party game?

Parapraxis3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Since its inception in 1993, SCE has also built up a large stable of third party developers that it often collaborates with in a variety of manners, from publishing to funding to co-development. These companies are however not owned or under contract by SCE, and some, unlike the studios within SCE WWS, also release and develop products in cooperation with competing video game developers and publishers, and for competing handheld and/or home consoles as well.

red5ive3519d ago

don't waste your energy. they're just fanboys that think they know it all. chill dude.

again, HHG is mentally handicapped.

HDgamer3519d ago

Sony owns those IP's meaning that even if the original developers wanted to make the game multiplatform they can't also sony can have other developers work on that said IP.

Consoldtobots3519d ago

wow parapraxis gives a new meaning to stubborn, lol

for MS to STEAL a third party exclusive from Sony means that the third party studio would have published said game on Sony's platform first. If they make a new IP for microsoft IT IS NOT STEALING.

are you really this dense? now stop arguing tangents that add NOTHING to what was being talked about.

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