IGN: Grudge Match: Resident Evil vs. Dead Space

IGN writes : "In October 2008, a group of guerilla game developers from deep within the massive Electronic Arts campus in Redwood Shores, Calif., surprised everyone by releasing the slickest, scariest survival horror title in recent memory: Dead Space. Part Aliens and part every creepy action game you've ever played, EA's futuristic fright-fest borrowed heavily from its predecessors while managing to feel fresh and different. The game was a smash hit and introduced a whole new generation of gamers to the survival horror genre, which places a premium on deliberation, planning and intensity. In other words, it was Resident Evil in space."

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El_Colombiano3494d ago

Dead Space no doubt was one of the scariest games I have ever played.

Max Power3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

currently playing it right now, and I've jumped a couple of times.

- Ghost of Sparta -3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Dead Space > RE5. No contest there.


Old RE > Dead Space

Trey4Lyfe3494d ago

Deadspace had a better atmosphere, RE5 tried to be an action game nobody asked for, it felt like they want that way to try to please the 10 year olds who need to shoot something every 5 seconds

MicroSony3494d ago

I call it the 'Gears of War Effect', and yes Dead space for the horror was the best one.

ShinFuYux3494d ago

Being alone, in the middle of space with no "buddy" to help you out is way more frightening. Quite frankly Dead Space did everything Resident Evil 5 should of done.

Plus, the story in Dead Space was fresh and new, I felt RE5 story was becoming a bit stale.

News4fanboys3494d ago

Dead space scared the horror out of RE5 lol.

Szarky3494d ago

Nice. Just bought DS! Can't wait to try it out. Got the animated comics from the PSN, downloaded the Dead Space movie, and will start the game soon.

I read nothing but good things about Dead Space, finally got time to try it out now that the holiday flood is done.

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