UFC 2009: Undisputed Bringing Brand Off Life Support

Gaming Union writes: "When UFC 2009: Undisputed is released during May, 2009, it is set to be the first Ultimate Fighting Championship game released since 2004, when UFC 2004: Sudden Death hit the Playstation 2. Sudden Death was a joint venture between Opus, who developed the title, and Golden Star, who published it and the game was slated by critics, receiving a metacritic score of 54% after 29 reviews. Prior to Sudden Death, came UFC: Throwdown, which performed slightly better, but given the lack of success these two games garnered, publishers weren't overly optimistic about the licence's potential."

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mephman3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I was actually pretty impressed with the graphics for the fighters, especially with the wounds.

Kyll3470d ago

meh, I'll wait til the games out to pass judgment.

Flipgeneral3470d ago

While I do agree that they did a splendid job on the character models. There's something lacking in the animations, reactions, and physics. When blows connect they do not have that "umph!" that I want, they do not seem to flow well.

Good attempt, but still a game that had a lot more potential.

mephman3470d ago

I kind of agree. Sometimes you can score TKOs with punches which don't look like they'd hurt a 2 year old. Sometimes reactions are quite good on hard kicks/punches though.

Gamer_Politics3470d ago

could this be the great ufc game...that us mma fans have been waiting for after all these years....

mephman3470d ago

I think it's certainly going to be better than the ones that have come before it, that's for sure.