Dive back into your PS3 library for some extra challenges

Now that the remains of last holiday season's titles have come out and more than likely been played to death, the last couple of weeks and the upcoming weeks look a little empty and unfulfilling to gamers. So what is a gamer to do until the bigger games such as Infamous and Prototype come out? Here are some ideas to keep you entertained until said games come out.

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Parapraxis3523d ago

I wish I had time to dip into my backlog.
Feel like there is not enough time to play all the games on the PS3?

Sony Rep3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Is that an xbox fan looking up with envy?

I can't tell, they all look and act the same...

Immortal Kaim3523d ago

Enough with these lame articles (with ludicrous headlines) from examiner. I'm reporting this.

callahan093522d ago

I don't understand? What's ludicrous about this headline? It's just an article about some fun the writer thinks can be had with PS3's existing library of games that nobody talks about anymore.

fandaeternal3523d ago

No need to report it. There are ideas in there for games you can play until the top games come in the later weeks of Spring.

xabmol3523d ago

Feel like there is too much to play on the PS3?

HDgamer3522d ago

Yeah, it's hard trying to keep up with each new game and old game. I'm switching games each week.

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The story is too old to be commented.