MGU Review: Move It

Move It is yet another mobile game that could be described as "simple and addictive". A clone of the well known XBLA game Astropop, Move It sees you moving and sorting coloured blocks into clusters of four or more, so as to remove them from the game screen.

On each level, a wall of multi-coloured blocks appears at the top of the screen. This starts to move slowly down the screen, one row at at a time. The moment that it crosses the line at the bottom of the screen, it will be game over. There are no extra lives or continues to earn you a reprieve.

The way to ensure that this doesn't happen is to use your little spaceship that appears at the bottom of the screen. This can be moved left and right along the bottom, and with a press of the action button, you'll activate the ship's weapon, which will suck in the coloured block opposite your position. You can then move the ship to where you want to reposition the block, and press the action button again.

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