Sony has an 'Electrifying' announcement coming April 27th

Sony has put up a little teaser on their website. What's coming this April 27th?


It looks like inFAMOUS (coming May 27th) could come with an online beta code of some sort for Uncharted 2's unannounced (and unconfirmed) multiplayer mode. We'll find out soon enough.

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gaffyh3498d ago

I'm guessing something to do with inFamous

TheHater3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

That or something major to do with Uncharted 2.
Edit: I actually have to do with both. In HOME it shows both Uncharted and Infamous on the big screen then show the date 4-27-09

Hallucinate3498d ago

yea infamous is the most logical guess

WhittO3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Deffinitely something to do with Infamous, the pun and everything haha.

If its a demo coming next week, we will have that and new K2 DLC !

As for Uncharted, some big news has been rumoured to come out the past couple of weeks, dont know what it will be, id think co-op or multi-player.

Strange they are releasing info on both games at the same time though?

DragonWarrior_43498d ago

All you need to do to get early access of the inFamous demo is preorder it at gamestop. I got my demo card yesterday, and the demo starts the 5th of May through the 20th.


Danja3498d ago

wouldn't mind getting a Demo for Infamous..

JhawkFootball063498d ago

Infamous? I never heard of it.. I thought this was supposed to be an Electrifying announcement?

aldesko3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I thought you got the blades from Gamestop and the demo from GameCrazy and Best Buy

butterfinger3498d ago

DragonWarrior is incorrect about the early demo being available at GameStop. It is actually available at Best Buy while GameStop gets you exclusive access to the gigawatt superpowers. You should be banned for using multiple accounts, DragonWarrior/DA SHREDDER. The article also states that the demo will be hitting PSN on May 21st, so I doubt this announcement has something to do with that.

iHEARTboobs3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Nathan Drake will make an appearance in inFamous and Cole will show up in Uncharted 2!

Whatever it is i'm intrigued.

Domenikos3498d ago

Poor PS3 users (including me), Sony has teased us with too many things that we are discussing what the surprise will be, too many good features for PS3 heh?


Whatever it is, ill be happy... just imagine E3 =)

WhittO3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

^^ Ye Sony's E3 should be sooo good this year!

I just hope they focus on the PSP and PS3 and not on the PS2.

hazeblaze3497d ago

Well according to the advertisement, it has something to do with both inFamous AND Uncharted 2... which is really strange. I'm guessing it either has to do with demos for those games, or bundles.

Also, we know that the NDA agreements regarding Uncharted 2 expire on Monday... so we're supposed to be getting more details about that game & the rumored multiplayer components.

I'm really interested as to what they could be referring too.

cLiCK_sLiCK93497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

They shouldve named Cole 'Nathan'.

Three exclusives.
Resistance: Nathan Hale
Uncharted: Nathan Drake
Infamous: Nathan Cole...

IMHO.. It would be cool.

Possible announcement, since it does relate to Uncharted. But of course, like you guys, I highly doubt it.

SuperM3497d ago

You would know that on monday which happen to be april the 27th the embargo lifts on Uncharted 2 previews from the pre e3 showing sony had this week. Which means we are definately getting news for uncharted 2, and probably a few other games aswell.

CrayzeeCarl3497d ago

I decompiled the .swf flash file and found this:

FTR_InfamousUncharted2_teaser _06_U2link_fla.mc_drake_mp_10, 32

Does "drake_mp" lend more creedence to the Uncharted multiplayer rumors?

DragonWarrior_43497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Why are you guys throwing a hissy fit? I just went to gamestop yesterday, got the damn demo code yesterday. Dont believe me? Call this number then call me a liar. (256) 245-8427.

BTW, I have to keep on making new accounts because of idiots like you who take bubbles because Im right about things. I get bubbles taken away for every little thing I say. I dont care really, but I dont know why everyone has such hatred for me when I do nothing but state the obvious, and give facts? Its not my fault you are a retard who thinks he/she is right about everything. Grow up. Also, they didn't tell me anything about the in game twin blade power. I will call them and find out for myself.

Edit: What the hell are you disagreeing with me about? I understand that some people just disagree because your wrong and Im right. I just dont understand why you think you are right. I gave the number,, call for yourself and ask them about the demo. I did get the dates wrong. Its from the 8th, not the 5th till the 20th. Oh now I see why you say im wrong, cause I got the dates wrong, right?

@ slipknotsic6. Dude i Just said I got the demo code already from gamestop, i gave the number so you retards that don't believe me could call and ask them yourselves, so I doubt its about the inFamous demo cause the codes are already out. Quit being a troll and shut up. Why are you even in here anyways? You dont even have a ps3

Domenikos3497d ago

And found this:

L.O.L_No_f.uc_king_id_a.of_wh at_it, mea_ns.


slpknt6sic63497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

look everybody! its DragonWarrior_4 lets take his bubbles for shopping at game stop!!! lol

on topic- i hope its an infamous demo and something big for uncharted but lets not get our hopes up cause if its something small you'll be disappointed and everyone will say "Sony over hypes and under delivers"

lol at DragonWarrior_4 dude im messing with you, i am not taking your bubbles, and i probably have more games for my ps3 than you(31)

butterfinger3497d ago

I called your GameStop in Sylacauga, Alabama (where they have Wii systems in stock) and the nice lady on the phone told me that they do have vouchers for the downloadable demo for inFAMOUS and that they will be redeemable on May 8th. However, GameStop is not SUPPOSED to have the vouchers for the demo as I proved with my link. I can't help it if one GameStop somewhere in Alabama happens to have them. Here is the link from the actual GameStop website: You were still giving incorrect information to most of the people that would be interested in getting early access to the demo, but you were doing so unknowingly. All of that being said - the reason why you have your bubbles taken away and are disagreed with regularly is because you insult people and never listen to anyone else other than yourself. You have even gone out of your way to PM personal insults at people, and I know this for a fact. You don't end up with 3 bubbles for no reason, and if your bubbles were taken away on your other account then you still shouldn't be allowed to keep making new ones. Everyone took your bubbles away for a reason the first time.

DragonWarrior_43497d ago

Ive read your pitiful little link, and the guy brought up gamestop and amazon in the comment section. Then the moderator that said it was only at game crazy and the like also said "other retailers" without being specific about which ones. He/she never said it wasn't gonna be distributed through gamestop or not. So you jumped the gun, and you insulted me just for giving information when I said people could get it at Gamestop or not.

Also, the only time ive ever got bubbles taken away was for being unbiased. Yes I have went off on people for taking bubbles just because I speak the truth. Sure I was wrong for going on with it, but its people like you who can't handle what I said even though I am right. You even went as far as to call the local gamestop to prove me wrong. You even admited I was right, but you couldn't be man enough to say that you were wrong. Your pathetic, and your a waste of my time. Im done with your pettiness.

butterfinger3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

You immediately begin your reply by proving everything I just said about your bubbles. You attempt to insult my by making fun of my name, then to top it all off try to accuse me of "jumping the gun". In case you didn't notice, I gave a DIRECT LINK TO GAMESTOP'S INFAMOUS PAGE in which it states WHICH VOUCHER YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GET. You really need to grow up and get over yourself. I even went out of my way to call your GameStop like you asked, but you still have to result to immature name-calling and general ignorance. Please show me where I insulted you, because I can look at the post right above this and see your personal attacks. You must be the most sensitive person here if you feel like I "insulted" you.

EDIT: I'd also like to add that your lack of reading comprehension is alarming. If you would have simply read all of the moderator's replies you would've read plainly:


JimmyHACK | April 13th, 2009 at 11:20 am

Please let us know who the retailer for the demo is.
aqizilbash's Avatar
aqizilbash replied on April 13, 2009 at 11:43 am

Best Buy and GameCrazy. You’re going to love it J!"

"I'm done with your pettiness" - Give me a break and get an education. You're just out of bubbles, kid. lol.

Buttons3497d ago

The one thing I know for sure about April 27th

It's my birthday :D

- Ghost of Sparta -3497d ago

I already know what it is. Sorry if I was supposed to keep this under wraps but I'm going to spill the beans right now. Multiplayer in Infamous.

butterfinger3497d ago

I didn't think about that. Maybe they are announcing the multiplayer for both games (inFAMOUS and Uncharted)?

likedamaster3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I'm almost ashamed to mention the PS3 in conversation. The ps3 wouldn't exist in my place if it wasn't for the 1st Uncharted. R&C was the same boring platform experience with spruced up graphics. MGS4 was...(<-- I'll leave that alone, for the sensitive folk). As flawed as my xbox360 is I have not stopped playing games on it.

I will definitely be getting this game(Uncharted 2), well, that is if Sony doesn't mess it up somehow.

syanara3497d ago


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Johnny Rotten3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I don't see nothing?

Your link shows a trailer for uncharted, and they already announced the infamous demo to be out a week before the release date.

EDIT: I see it, thanks!

NO_PUDding3498d ago

exactly :/ What the hell is this article talking about?

ghostface3498d ago

When you go to the website, up and the left corner click the playstation logo.

NO_PUDding3498d ago

Meant to say thanks here! You're right and he fixed the link.

lloyd_wonder3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

If you look on Sony's website, you can see the official or early box shot for Uncharted 2 with the "Only on PlayStation" and " PlayStation Network" logos on it.

Sony usually has only the "Only on PlayStation" logo if it only has a single player and is exclusive-- like inFamous, for instance, and the " PlayStation Network" logo if it has multiplayer. Could this mean a multiplayer Uncharted like rumored?

SoapShoes3498d ago

It has the Playstation Network logo... Uncharted 2 will have some form of online capabilities. Infamous only has the, "Only on Playstation" logo and nothing more.

I_am_rushin3498d ago

No Sony has the "Only on Playstation" logo if it is only on Playstation. R2, LBP, Killzone 2 all had it.

SuperM3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

we know they all have it. But the PSN logo is only when it has online support. So yea Uncharted 2 online confirmed it seems. There was a rumor today about it and i thought it was probably true since sony just showed the press new info on Uncharted 2 at the pre e3 event

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gamerdude113498d ago

Uncharted 2 demo to be included on the inFamous disc.

UnwanteDreamz3498d ago

That would be freakin awesome.

lukeb4dunk3498d ago

I think you're right. After watching it and reading your comment, I bet that is exactly what it is.

Wow, infamous and the uncharted demo, that would would be awesome.

krisq3498d ago

It must be it. Awesome!

TheExecutive3498d ago

i put my name in this hat. It just makes too much sense.

raztad3498d ago

That idea definitely makes sense. Sony knows inFAMOUS is under hyped. Something extra like an U2 demo could prove too tempting for many fans. :D. Look how good a FFXIII demo did in Japan. Sure U and FF are not in the same league but its a pretty neat idea nonetheless. I dont need the demo at all, Im really hyped about inFAMOUS even more than U2.

ultimolu3498d ago


That *would* be awesome.

Incognegro3497d ago

if the rumors of Uncharted 2 having online multiplayer is true... Sony could just be taking a chapter out of Microsoft's book and including a beta invite to Uncharted 2's online. If it's there of course...

And after taking Lloyd_Wonder on his word about the Uncharted 2 boxart having playstation network outlined on the box...I decided to look it up and...surely enough... it does.

Normally I wouldn't care about that, but since the boxart is on Sony's official website, and this is a first party game... you'd think they'd pay close attention to whatever boxart they put on their own website right?

locos853497d ago

That sounds good. I've only seen 1 game with demos on the disc. I forgot what game it was. I think Dead Space with EA games demos.

likedamaster3497d ago

If it was like the first Uncharted where the demo was underachieving but the actual game impressed, count me out.

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