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Eurogamer writes: "Demon's Souls is absolutely compelling; dark, detailed, unforgiving, creatively cruel. It gets under your skin and becomes a personal obsession, daring you to probe further into its worlds, fall for more of its traps and overcome more of its impossible challenges; it slaps you in the face with your own incompetence and dares you to overcome it.

It's stoic, uncompromising, difficult to get to know, but also deep, intriguingly disturbed and perversely rewarding. You can learn to love Demon's Souls like few other games in the world. But only if you're prepared to give yourself over to it".

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anh_duong3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

great review. looks like a great game.

if i was a student, wasn't married or didn't have a job i would buy more rpg games. just don't have the time to play rpg anymore which is a shame for someone who used to play larn, moria and nethack. although i did play a bit of shiren on the old nds recently

Chubear3320d ago

.. gave a PS3 exclusive a 9?!... that must mean they probably wanted to give it an 11/10 lol

rockleex3320d ago

From Eurogamer?!?!?! O_O

Labwarriorbot3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

only on PS3.

morganfell3320d ago

The game deserves a 9. I am so glad I imported this and it is damn well worth it. The Asian edition (not the Japanese version) has full English casting and subtitles along with Trophy support. It is a fantastic Dungeon crawler.

Danja3320d ago

wow was seriously expecting to see a 6/10.. for this one...

unfortunately it's that time of the year again Exams... so I had put gaming on hold.. will definitely import this game in the summer ...

nycredude3320d ago

I have been waiting for almost a month for to get a new shipment in so I can get my order. They even took my money already!! AHHHHHH Can't wait now!

Morganfell is it really as good as people keep saying? I hope that if they announce a NA version that it is identical cause I don't want to have to buy it again.

FlameBaitGod3320d ago

I though this game was going to suck at first lol, now I'm looking forward to it

Freak of Nature3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

But this one sure looks to be one that does deserve to get that little extra time you do have "anh_duong" ...........

------- I just have to wonder why this game is not getting the attention and backing it deserves from Sony?----- More copies are needed World-wide....Well copies of any kind for EU and NA....Perhaps news will come on this?But if not,then why not?

I love this part ........"you can call upon other players to help you, and they can join your game as blue phantoms to fight alongside you.

It's a way to even out the odds a little, or progress if you're completely stuck, though you often find yourself running after more experienced players as they rush through a section of the game they've seen 40 times. Players can also leave helpful messages for each other on the ground (“WATCH OUT FOR THE GIANT FALLING BOULDER”).

The downside? Playing the game online opens you up to invasion from Black Phantoms, other players who force their way into your game in order to assassinate you for your souls."

I love the fact also that it's not just a mindless hack and slash game.

I will wait and see until E3 for any news on a NA/EU release,but if nothing by then,I will import....

morganfell3320d ago

The game is still being worked on. I just fired it up this morning and there was a new update.

Freak of Nature3320d ago

How would you compare the animation and fighting to Assassins creed or Ninga gaiden for example. Is it fluid,smooth and is it more thought oriented,with blocking and timing.Just any example you feel would be nice to hear please.Thanks....

morganfell3320d ago

It is fluid. I love Assassins Creed. It isn't that kind of fluid but neither does it feel stilted like some hack and slash titles. But frankly there is often a delay when I attack, and then attempt a counter and opponent move. That isn't present in Demons Souls.

First let me preface my comments by saying that the class you choose affects your fighting style greatly. Lighter classes that are less powerful and less well armored (at the beginning) can dart in on slower opponents and shoulder roll right past them and attack from the back. Larger opponents, such as the knight do not really shoulder roll. It's more like a pile or armor crashing to the ground. And it should be like that. The fighting isn't complex and that is it's strength. You can easily block an attack (provided it isn't too powerful) then you can counter attack, bash with your shield, etc. Blocking works and it depends upon targeting and facing. It isn't automatic.

Powerful attacks can knock you down completely or batter right past your shield. Of course the reverse is also true. You can sling your shield and pull your longsword for powerful bashing two handed attacks. Or keep the shield up and pull your long dirk and then use a thrusting attack while maintaining a guard with the shield very effective.

The above are only basic weapon attacks. These vary depending on the weapon and class. Other assisting factors can affect matters greatly such as magic. I am not that far in yet but I am enjoying the game immensely. But be prepared to die. It is going to happen. Play up to the Nexus at the beginning. You don't have to but that is a free training level.

SaiyanFury3320d ago

Agreed, Morganfell. Demon's Souls is the single, most incredibly addictive RPG experience I've had this gen. I'm a HUGE lover of the King's Field series so this game speaks to me even more. I love the art style, again so indicative of the game's roots. In Demon's Souls you WILL die. It's how you develop your character and how you approach levels that governs how OFTEN you die. I highly recommend this game to people who are craving a game with challenge. This game not only does not hold your hand, it slaps it away and stabs it with a dagger.

Freak of Nature3320d ago

Thanks very much for such a quick and detailed response.I really appreaciate it very much..."Bubbles" to you.

You should do their sales pitch for them,pitch it to Capcom or some other major publisher that can get hold of this game and release it World wide in full force, and give it it's just do...

Sounds fantastic,and count me in on purchasing it.

Thanks again very much....

Cenobia3320d ago


I can't wat to play this game now.

FamilyGuy3319d ago

The review was %100 positive yet they did not give it a 10/10

I know, this is Euro gamer, but still. I would've liked to here what's negative about it. Graphics?

So far I guess the difficulty can be negative...

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Antan3320d ago

This is garnishing some REALLY positive reviews! Reading the GAF thread, nigh on everyone is absolutely over the moon with it! They all say the same thing "its rock hard" yet they continue to play it! Thats the sign of a good game. Im still toying with the idea of importing......Would be good is Sony came out and said if there were any plans for an EU (or US) release.

lukeb4dunk3320d ago

but if you are really considering importing it, you may want to do it soon. I have been waiting about three weeks now and looks like I'll be waiting for a couple more. I've talked to a guy that has been waiting for almost two months now! The game has been selling out and import sites like playasia have a huge back-order.

But on a side note, if you can't understand Japanese, then you will need to get the Asian version, or the Korean version. They have both English voices and subtitles.

nefertis3320d ago

From Software need to bring this to NA.

MiloGarret3320d ago

And EU, I really want this game.

mephman3320d ago

Yea, ever since I read the comments from the Famitsu review I was really intrigued about this game. Hopefully it sees a Western release.

SaiyanFury3320d ago

I'm almost positive the game will see a North American release, seeing as the game's voice acting is 100% English, and that includes the Japanese version. The Asian versions, Korean and Hong Kong both have 100% English text. The game is only developed by From Software, it's published by Sony. It seems Sony is looking to co-develop RPGs with third parties which is an interesting way to get exclusive RPGs on their console.

Pennywise3320d ago

I think I am going to import my first game.

Fishy Fingers3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )



Just make sure you get the right one. Sorry about the CAPS, couldn't be bothered to retype it :)

Pennywise3320d ago

Very cool. I had no idea. Thanks for the info!! +bub

vasilisk3320d ago

I imported the Korean version which has full English (dialogue and text)and I live in Europe. The game is basically ready to be released in NA and Europe it's just that they can't, the game is on backorder everywhere. They really didn't expect that kind of success.

"it gets under your skin and becomes a personal obsession, daring you to probe further into its worlds, fall for more of its traps and overcome more of its impossible challenges"

I don't think I read a better description about this game. It's one of the most addictive games I've ever played in my life and I've played A LOT. Sometimes words are not enough to describe the sheer beauty of this game. It's old school, it's everything I you ever wanted if you're a gamer. I've played for 6-7 hours and I've only touched the surface. The game is hard, punishing and places you in the beginning of the level once you lose. And for some strange reason instead of swearing and cursing the game and it's developers, you get drawn into it's world and keep coming back for more without a single complain. It's gameplay is simple but yet flawless. It's not strange that Demon Soul's had the highest satisfaction rate among Japanese players and as I already said the game is on backorder everywhere. From Software has a real gem in it's hands and even they did not expect this kind of success. All I want to say is OMG I never thought I would get drawn into a game that much. It hasn't happened to me in ages.


Pennywise3320d ago

If me and my buddy ordered this game - will the online work even though we are out of the regions?

vasilisk3320d ago

Yup, the online works flawlessly

Best game I've played in years

Pennywise3320d ago

Thanks for the info... I just purchased it. Hopefully it doesnt take a month.

nycredude3320d ago

Unfortunately it will probably take a month as that is how long I have been waiting almost.

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Clap Your Hands3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

This is surprising.

Eurogamer don't just throw around with the big scores. So this title must be really good.


The Asian and Korean versions are fully in English, both text and voice (not the manual, unfortunately), and with no region-locking on PS3 games and MP being confirmed as all regions together, there's no reason not to get the Asian or Korean region versions now.

You can order it from these stores, among others (or check Ebay — just make sure you get the Asian or Korean region versions, as these are the two versions with full English text).





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