Arkanoid DS - secret good version revealed

Poorly-reviewed update Arkanoid DS contains a hidden, far better Arkanoid game not mentioned in any reviews. UK gaming website WoS exclusively reveals and unlocks it.

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peacesquid3494d ago

doing my best Jonny.

btw - stop fcking about and do some new content on Snappy Gamer, man.

also - this site is terrifying. PEOWW gave Killzone 2 a seven and I had to bat away retards for days.

SnappyGamer3494d ago

When I have more free time!

SaiyanFury3494d ago

Holy crap I haven't heard the name Arkanoid since the 80s. Classic 80s gameplay, I encourage everyone who loves classic gaming to get this.

SpoonyRedMage3494d ago

Arkanoids is legendary, I'm glad SE continue to make the classic Taito titles like this and Space Invaders. Simple and fun works a charm.