Kojima Talks Zone of the Enders 3 and a HD Remake for Zone of the Enders 2

GOONL!NE: "Speaking to Famitsu, from an article where readers have picked the most wanted gaming series to get a sequal, Hideo Kojima has spoken out on his interest on Zone of the Enders 3."

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Ssxtreme363319d ago

i just came all over my screen......

but to speak truthfully, i'd buy both of these games in a heartbeat. Z.O.E is hands down the best space mech fighting game out there.....

as for it only being on ps3, i could care less......not being a fanboy but i really think more people need to experience this game. people need to cut it out with all this "plz make this game exclusive to the ps3 because the last 2 were on ps2 and its only fair!!!" it matters anymore. if it came out on both systems, i would buy either one of them but in the end i would go with the ps3 version manly do to already being a familiar to the controls, not because i think it will be superior or look better on one console than the other.....

FamilyGuy3319d ago

That would be the first 'PS2' HD remake yet. I didn't think they'd do HD remakes of ANY PS2 games cause they're already wii level. PS2 DID do 480p ya know?

This just makes me think it's more likely that PS2, software only, emulator. One that would only unlock select games like the 360s Xbox1 emulator does.

Seems like a hint at PS2 games on the download store...

rockleex3319d ago

But why do people always say the next MGS is MGS5?

I think its more likely to be MGS4:Sub/sistance. Especially with the picture of that ninja, it could be an extra mode that allows you to play Raiden's missions that were happening along the same timeline as Snake's.

MGS1:Integral/VR Missions allowed people to play as the Ninja for a couple missions.

MGS2:Substance allowed people to play as Snake for a couple extra missions.

It would make sense for MGS4:Sub/sistence to allow people to play as Raiden.

Ninja Raiden Sigma!!! >:D

rockleex3319d ago

ZOE3 FTW!!! >:D

I loved the Versus mode in ZOE2. Imagine ZOE3 Versus online! O_O Imagine ZOE3 4 player splitscreen!

Imagine ZOE3 4 player splitscreen Co-op online! Imagine ZOE3 multiplayer with level progression and unlockable abilities!

Imagine customizable Runners! >:D


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MAR-TYR-DOM3319d ago

All for MGS5 click disagree
All for ZOE 3 click disagree

All for Both games click agree XD

Skyreno3319d ago

how about this....All for Both games MGS and ZOE 3 .....Only For PS3 Click agree :)

Hallucinate3319d ago

ive never playyed a ZOE game, what type a game is it? is it as awesome as MGS story wise

Johnny Cullen3319d ago


You'd be insane to say that ZOE would be better storywise then MGS. But that said, Zone of the Enders is a great series, abit ZOE1 was okay but not great.

Personally imo, it was the success of The Second Runner which has made gamers want ZOE3.

Graphically, ZOE1 was quite good on the graphics front but ZOE2 just beats it, cel-shaded gameplay and anime cutscenes.

Basic gist of it is that it's a Gundam/Armored Core type game, only better... much, much better.

I suggest you get ZOE2, it's very rare to find nowadays but its so much better then ZOE1 and worth every penny.

Bonsai12143319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

hmm, i actually felt that the anime cutscenes were a little painful to watch. but thats because i watch a lot of anime, and the quality of it wasn't really up to par. the "codec" conversations you had also were horrible because the mouth moving like that made me crack up every time.

but god would i by ZOE3 day 1 if they made it. I labored for 2 years to find ZOE2 after i beat it by renting it. Its probably in my top 3 ps2 games. The controls, visuals, sounds, scale (battlecruiser fight, giant battle, WOW!!!!) and mech designs completely blew me away.

Jehuty mk2 was so rigged. i loved the animation for homing missiles and zero shift was the ultimate hack. i'm going to go home and play it.

to get a sense of this game, imagine the Ray vs Rex fight in mgs4, but even smoother and in a suit that's about 100x more agile with a Z axis of movement. its pure bliss.

i would take ZOE2 reworked for the ps3 as a temporary fix. that game pushed the the ps2 to its max and looked better than some first gen 360 and ps3 games.

WengYong3319d ago

But the worst thing about it was it was insanely short. I got on day one and finished on day one. That dissappointed me. And for that reason I preferred ZOE 1. But they are both awesome games and the best mech games I have had the pleasure of playing.

ZOE 3 before MGS please

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SmokingMonkey3319d ago

please, PS3 only

it will be better that way

DW3319d ago

i would gladly appreciate a remake of ZOE 2 ... that game is way too hard to find! Remade version with original ST in HD .. I'm in there. Didn't the second game end on a cliff hanger anyways ...?

dericb113319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Why not look on Ebay? I mean I saw like 8 copies in the first page of search and all are no more than $35. Hell I check Gamestop and in my zip code (77063) I saw a few copy near my house for $19.99. I say look for the game since it really is not that hard to find.

Phoenix173319d ago

YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz Hideo plz make this game us gamers want it real bad wether its a sequel or remake i dont care just bring us a new one plzzzz kojima.....^-^

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