Blu-ray players get a new standard set of features this October

Blu-ray owners waiting for more Java features and highly interactive releases like the recently announced Matrix compilation on HD DVD could be due for a hardware upgrade this winter.

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Boink3588d ago

this is actual technology news, not more freaking movie releases.

Chexd3587d ago

so my PS3...which i stupidly just purchased will not be able to play newer titles soon??

Tell me it can me updated via a Software update....

xfrgtr3587d ago

Of course you can,it's just for the "extra" features that you can't use ,you don't care as long as you can watch the movie

techie3587d ago

No there will be an update for the ps3. The reason current blu-ray players won't be able to do it is a software and lack of available RAM - something the ps3 has. Sony wouldn't let their poster child slip.

Chexd3587d ago

thanks deebrown :)

and as for Fx35 "it's just for the extra features that you cant use"

I payed for a player- i dont care if its just the features, im sure you would agree that you would want everything working for the money regardless of whether they are any good.

xbox360migs3587d ago

These features should have been standard from release like HD DVD.

Scrumptious3587d ago

I cannot believe the format way is this close. Solely due to the PS3. If the PS3 were not a factor the war would already be over.Set top sales favor HD-DVD by a factor of six to one. HD-DVD players cn be found for around $300, and offer superior picture and extras. I say again, the smartest think Sony did was to release the PS3 with only one or two quality games. That way people buy blu-ray movies to pass the time.